Trying Knitting for the First Time – Look at My Nasty Beginner Creations!

Knitting was always something that I wanted to learn, but never had the time to actually try. The idea of creating fuzzy sweaters, cute bonnets and scarves from balls of yarn? Imagine having that skill to DIY an entire winter outfit! Yes, it’s probably gonna take hours of work, but won’t it be worth it knowing you did it all on your own?

knitting christian foremost

Knitting is a technique where you manipulate yarn to make fabric. Using your knitting needles, you can make consecutive pattern of knots or stiches with your yarn until you create for example, a scarf or even an whole blanket! The limit is endless and the more ambitious your project is, the more time and focus you have dedicate to it.

I Needed a New Hobby and an Outlet to Relax My Brain

Aside for my passion of trying new things, I also needed to find a new hobby where I can slow down and let my brain chill out. With so many things going on in my life right now and a million more things I wanna do, my everyday can get quite chaotic. I needed some dedicated time away from doing work every week. But, what exactly do I do? Yes, I can set in some time every weekend to lie in bed and just do nothing, but that only either makes me restless or super bummed about life. That’s when I thought Knitting would be perfect for me!

With knitting, you are forced to settle in and work for literally hours just to knit rows upon rows of stiches or patterns. There’s no need to think too much because you’re just repeating the same motions over and over again. I also like how there is observable progress with every minute you put into your work. You’re never wasting time at all, but rather you’re taking the time to make each of those individual stiches. And trust me, when I say each those stiches or knots matter!

You Only Need 3 items to Get Started

Knitting is super easy and you don’t need a lot of materials at all if you want to learn how to knit. Basically, what you’ll need are just three things: a ball of yarn, knitting needles and a pair of scissors. If you don’t have knitting needles, you can actually start with chopsticks.

Knitting needles beginner
Knitting Needles
Yarn for knitting
Balls of Yarn
Knitting scissors

Once you wanna attempt bigger projects, you can invest in crochet needles, knitting needles and yarns of different sizes.

Crochet needle beginner
Crochet Needle
Circular knitting needles
Circular Knitting Needles

I got too excited about the idea of starting to knit that I kind of ordered an entire store’s worth of knitting supplies. I don’t even know how to use the other things I bought. Haha.

Beginner Knitting Supplies Philippines

Learning How to Knit for Beginners

I would be lying if I told you I learned how to knit from the get go. It took about two hours for me to learn how to knit correctly after watching and replaying various Youtube tutorials. Once you get the technique down though, you just need to keep practicing and practicing. That’s how you get better and faster.

Trying Knitting for the First Time - Take a Look at My Nasty Creations!

To start a project, you have to make a slip knot with your yarn first. Put your slip knot on the needle and then cast on your first stiches, depending on how wide you want your project to be. Then, you knit the rows by passing each stitch from one needle to the other. Your project will grow longer when you add more and more rows of stiches. After that, you can cast off to remove your project from your knitting needles. For beginners, there’re two types of stiches you need to learn: the Knit stitch and the Purl stitch.

I was finally able to get the techniques down when I found these tutorial videos by RJ Knits. Such a life savior!

The Knit Stitch – the basic stitch in knitting, created by pulling a loop of yarn from the back of the fabric to the front through a previous stitch.
A Purl Stitch is an inverted knitting stitch, created by pulling a loop of yarn from the front of the fabric to the back through a previous stitch.
You need to cast-off to remove your project from the knitting needles.

Take a Look at My Nasty Creations!

Here are some of my initial projects when I started teaching myself how to knit. They’re not perfect and for some reason, I created such weird triangular shapes. If you mess up stiches in the middle of your work, you also create these big holes.

This is my first attempt at the Knitting. Also, it’s important to know that the size of the knitting needles will determine the space between your rows. The size of your yarn also matters. For beginners, the bulkier the yarn, the better.

knitting first attempt

Below is my second attempt, I tried Purling this time. I used more tension to tighten the stiches together. I kept it short. It has even sides, no mistakes and was casted off the needles perfectly!

purling sample knitting

My latest completed project is this one. I’m not really sure what it is. Originally, it was supposed to be a scarf, but I casted on too many stitches, unintentionally making it wider than I wanted. It’s also too short to be a blanket so I’m settling for a shawl of some sort. I already used 3 whole balls of yarn and you can also see that I made a couple of bit errors in my knots.

knitting for beginners

And that’s kind of the frustrating part about it. You can dedicate so much time on the project, but you can make a single mistake and it could ruin the whole thing. I also suggest looking for actual knitting patterns in Pinterest or online if you really want to make a certain project in mind.

Right now, I’m currently working on a tightly knitted scarf. I feel like I need to practice more of the basics before I attempt more advance knitting techniques and projects like bonnets and sweaters. I can’t make big mistakes anymore!

knitting scarf first attempt

Knitting is Super Addicting!

knitting christian foremost

Now, I try to knit whenever I can. I do it when I’m listening to podcasts or intentionally watching boring movies or shows in Netflix. I also do it when I need to focus on something so my mind won’t wander off to unwanted places at times. Hahaha. But yeah, knitting is proving to be good for my mental health and relaxation. I recommend you guys to try it too. It’s super easy and a great new skill to impress your friends with. You can even knit them crafty gifts for Christmas. I mean Knitting is an actual labor of love so they better appreciate it! Won’t that be extra special?

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23 thoughts on “Trying Knitting for the First Time – Look at My Nasty Beginner Creations!”

  1. Ever since I’ve always wanted to knit, but seeing that it’s complicated discouraged me. And I always admire people who knows how to knit, for being so patient and creative during the process of knitting.

  2. Love that you found a NON-digital way to occupy your time while feeding your need to try new things and being creative. Not going to lie, knitting looks a bit hard for me. Not because the actual motions and technique look hard but because I am quite fidgety and a bit impatient. SO, if the different motions you took to learn didnt come somewhat natural to me or quick to evolve into, I know me, I would take my knitting needles and order sushi!

  3. Lyosha Varezhkina

    Knitting is something my grandmother taught me to do, it makes me remember her. I like it, it is very meditating

  4. haha, I’ve been meaning to start knitting for a while especially since I have all this time in quarantine but I started a blog so it’s still a win. A lot of my friends have started small businesses making apparel and bikini lines using yarns and knitting. Plus its also a good way to give your loved ones gifts on holidays as you mentioned, Thanks for sharing Christian, I love your energy

  5. My granny loves knitting and I learned it from her. I made a little scarf long ago and I still love my creation. I loved your creation too.

  6. I have been told about the therapeutic benefits of knitting in that it’s great for unwinding, relaxing, and reducing stress. That alone would be a good reason to take it up! However, it’s also a great creative outlet to make so many things in so many attractive patterns once you have acquired a certain skill level. You seem to be off to a promising start and are showing good progress. All the best with your current project of the tightly knitted scarf!

  7. I learned how to knit many years ago when I was looking for a hobby. Now I crochet all the time. I think your first pieces look great for a beginner! you’re right, it is addicting. I admit I am addicted to crochet!

  8. Awe that is so great that you found a relaxing hobby!! I haven’t knitted in years but trust me – I was never a good knitter and your creations are SUPER good compared to mine haha! I think you are doing awesome, and it definitely is that perfect hobby to enjoy while watching Netflix. Thanks for sharing your tips! I think I may need to start this up and learn again to have a nice winter hobby!

  9. Wow! Knitting and yung crochet ang di ko talaga kayang gawin… Hobby ni lola ko ang knitting kaya kapag nauwi siya pinas dami niya gawa bonnet and sweaters. I still remember binilhan nya ko ng mga kagamitan pero di ko talaga hilig kaya binigay ko na lang sa tita ko. 🙂

  10. Wow, that is truly amazing! I never had the interest to knit because I’m pretty sure I’m not gonna be good at it. But hey, I look forward to what you will create. Love how you say it occupies you hours. Better than surfing and going online all the time, yeah?

  11. Oh my goodness, I have always wanted to learn how to do knitting. I know how to do crochet (barely) but knitting is foreign to me. Your first tries look amazing. It’s like you are a pro already. This post will for sure help me to learn knitting. Thanks.

  12. knitting is different from crochet right? nakakatuwa kahit newbie ka lang galing mo. i never knew how to knit and the last time i help a crochet hook was 24 years ago. nyahaha!! ill watch this videos baka ma inspire din ako. pero for now im looking forward to see you scarf!

  13. That’s so cool, I love to knit too but it looks so complicated and difficult. I am so amazed at how you use your time in doing productive things like this! Kudos for you! who knows your hobby could turn into business one day??

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