Mikayla Boss Crashes Our Girls’ Night In!

Oh, I’m not sure if I told you guys, but Mikayla Boss dropped by during our Girls’ Night In last week. I haven’t seen the girl in so long and lo and behold, she decides to make a surprise visit!

She came in through the door wearing a strappy floral blue silk dress, with a pink ribbon sinching her waist and of course, a pastel green face mask. Always wear your face mask when outdoors! On top of her head is a diamond tiara she snatched from the display shelves inside my friend’s room. No worries, she’ll give it back.

mikayla boss

I’ve honestly missed the girl and her long luscious hair. She kept playing around with it with her hands, flicking it over her shoulders again and again. I bet that hair of hers is her source of energy. And boy, did she have plenty!

It was a quite night in with friends. We drank a few glasses of wine and ate buffalo chicken wings while listening to literally a “Girl’s Night” playlist in Spotify.

faive supermart
I totally loved the Pink Moscato Wine. It’s light and tastes super sweet. You can order yours as well from Faive Supermart!

It’s been a while since I’ve been with my friends and if it wasn’t for this quarantine, we could have traveled together, gone to the beach, or enjoyed a long night outside doing God knows what?

But one thing’s for sure, Mikayla always brings the party with her. I honestly don’t know what was on her mind. Maybe it’s the nostalgic vibes from the fairy lights or the soulful sound from Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect”, but she just started dancing. She danced by herself as if she’s entranced in her own world and we just watched her sway with her arms wrapped around herself. Was she thinking about someone when she was doing that? If yes, I doubt she’ll tell me who.

mikayla boss

Then of course, my friend pumped up the music and the girl just gave it everything she’s got. She swayed her hips to the beat of the song and made that booty pop! She twerked and dropped it low. Very low… Hahaha. I really didn’t know what came over me. I mean, her. Yeah, that girl can dance like I never could in a million years. Just watching Mikayla is a party all on it’s own.

We told Mikayla to stop looking at herself in the mirror for a minute and challenged her to do a couple of Tiktok videos. To no surprise, she was all up for it. Now, she tried her best okay? She was probably already tired from the night, but she still managed to get some pretty funny takes. Pretty girls can be funny too. Who knew?

I’ve posted her videos in my Tiktok profile. I’ll probably post more videos of her in the future so you guys should definitely follow me.

mikayla boss

So that was our Girl’s Night In weekend! I just wanted to tell you guys all about it and also share these amazing shots my talented friends, Angela and Vian took of Mikayla. We don’t see her often so it’s a kinda nice memorabilia of the night.

Watch my friends, Vian and Angela help Mikayla get her hair and make up ready.

I don’t know when or how Mikayla Boss will come back. Maybe she’ll surprise us again one of these days or maybe I’ll be too busy that she might have to rest for the time being. We’re not sure, but I’m happy that a part of her will always be inside me. And, I’d like to thank you for letting me share her with you guys.

I wanted to leave you guys with something I discovered about myself.

I am not a person who is all “what you see is what you get”. I have more to me than meets the eye. You can be a different people around different people. You can act differently when you’re with friends than with family. And, you can be different around strangers as well. And, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. I guess, I just discovered that a person can have a dynamic personality that adapts to whatever situation ones’s in. You’re not pretending to be all these people. They’re just several sides of you and they’re all true.

As we continue the journey towards growth and personal development, we will peel more and more layers of ourselves. And, isn’t it fascinating to wonder who else we’re going to meet?

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19 thoughts on “Mikayla Boss Crashes Our Girls’ Night In!”

  1. I like the matchy matchy pajamas you guys are wearing! And also, I agree with that statement you said that we can be different types of person depending on whoever we are with at the moment. And it’s definitely not a bad thing. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow, Mikayla is so gorgeous! Both of you have an expressive eyes πŸ™‚
    I would like to see her dressed-up and share her style.

  3. Mikayla Boss in the house!! I bet she slays everytime! I agree with what you said in the end part of this post. We do have different personalities and we show it to different people as well. It’s not that we’re plastic or two faced in a bad light but that’s just how complex it is to be a HUMAN being. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading this Christian! Waiting for more Mikayla Boss moments!

  4. Mikayla is so gorgeous! That floral blue silk dress is perfectly fit on her and I love her tiara. I already watched her video in your tiktok and WOW! She impressed me with her dance move. πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ’ž

  5. Aww! This is really so cute. I enjoyed reading about your alter ego. Lol! I love how you ended this blog post. The thing is, sometimes we doubt other people’s authenticity just because they don’t act the way they act in front of us when they are with other people not realizing that people can choose which sides they want others to see or know about. Thank you so much for shedding light to that fact :”)

  6. Love this post! and oh the pink lipstick suits Mikayla perfectly, really. And I totally agree with. “You can be a different people around different people,” I used to think I was being fake when i act differently with different people, but no. I realized, we just have different level of comfortableness with people.

  7. Mikayla is soooo pretty. I love the way she brings herself out! And I agree that in every person there’s a dynamic personality according to who are with you. Keep on posting and sharing your thoughts.!

  8. Super love this blog , I’m happy for Mikayla because she have a good and beautiful friends . Also I love her outfit huh , a floral blue silk dress 😍And Mikayla is so much pretty , I’m pretty Sure ❀😍

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