Denice Lao Releases New Single “Breathe”, A Great Listen for Quarantine

Following the release of debut single “Just Got Home” and “Araw at Buwan”, Denice Lao has yet another pleasant surprise in store for all of us. Her new song, “Breathe” is out now on Spotify giving us the much needed breath of fresh air we long for during this quarantine season.

Recorded in her bedroom alone during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), Denice was inspired to write a song that’s dedicated to the people she lives for. “One night, I was just feeling all the anxiety of having to adapt to all the changes. During that time, I reflected on how I was able to survive the toughest emotional breakdowns of my life in the past and I remembered all the people who love me and how they always been my inspiration and motivation to hang on. I wrote the song as a tribute to people who keep loving us up until we get to stand back up again.” Denice explained.

Watch the music video for “Breathe” by Denice Lao featuring local dancers!

With a contemporary folk feel and adorned with the beautiful sounds of nature, “Breathe” will instantly transport you to the great outdoors. You’re walking barefoot on the grass, eyes up looking at the wide sky, then you stop to inhale and fill your lungs up with air. You’re in an open space and the world is just peaceful and right. That’s the sensation I felt while listening to this song. It will give you a sense of calm and make you realize that you can relax.

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A song to ease our minds…

These are difficult times and I’m sure this pandemic and quarantine has taken a toll on our mental health. Personally, I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety and everyday is a struggle. I sometimes feel like my dreams are drifting away and the walls of my room are closing in. There are days when my chest gets heavy and I feel like I’m suffocating. I wanna get away, but there’s nowhere to go. I long for the outdoors, but I’m stuck alone in the dark corner of my home. That’s why I related to song so much, especially it’s lyrics.

This reality is scary and it can be too much for us, mentally. The world has stopped, the future’s uncertain and there are so many things out of our control. That’s why we need to get out. We can’t get out of our homes just yet, but we can get out of our minds.

Step out of your head and take a deep breath. In and out. In and out. Ease your mind and let yourself take a break from the worries. Remember your happy place and settle in. I love listening to nice and easy songs like “Breathe” as I write in my journal or when I notice that my brain has gone overdrive. This helps me slow down and just recenter myself.

Remember that this too shall pass. We may not go back to the way things were, but we have to believe that things will get better. We can get through this alright. Just breathe.

Breathe By Denice Lao is now available on Spotify. Click link to listen now!

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18 thoughts on “Denice Lao Releases New Single “Breathe”, A Great Listen for Quarantine”

  1. blair villanueva

    Congratulations on this music release! The lyrics are so meaningful and very relatable. Can’t wait for the next song of hers 🙂

  2. With COVID and all the other issues there in the Philippines now, sana marinig din eto ng mga tao to keep them calm din the way you felt when you were listening to the music.


    ganda ng song.. its like something i would listen to while working para ma relax ako. ill listen to her other songs. write more please!

  4. Coming out of this quarantine in sacrifices to indoors really affect your sanity. When a person is used to be social and outgoing, the quarantine can be hard. But like her, you really have to choose whether to hang on there or create something positive like this one.

  5. Hazel Salcedo

    I like how she put this lockdown period as time to be productive! Her voice is so soothing and the music video is nice too! 💖 Thanks for sharing this — i wouldn’t have known her if not for this post. 😊

  6. I love the lyrics of the song. It’s so inspiring! This one’e perfect even after quarantine coz all of us experience difficult times. It’s a good reminder to be strong, breathe and continue to move forward for the people we love.

  7. I could really relate to her song. Listening to her sweet voice and the message of the song makes me want to fast forward 2020. All we need is to breath and continue living and hoping that everything will be normal soon.

  8. that’s genius of her to be recording in her bedroom. i guess, talents are really coming out when inspired. anything that affects you emotionally releases creative juices. she’s very lucky to have composing and singing as her outlet.

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