Spoken Word #2: To the Only Exception

When your heart turns sour and you can no longer trust, can you actually believe in love that lasts?

Well, if it’s a game, then you’d have to play it well. Let’s begin!

A Spoken Word to the Only Exception

composed by: Christian Foremost



Oh don’t kid yourself

You were just one of among the many

that was talking to that day

The game I already knew of so well

The more you catch, the more you may devour

A different set of faces day after day

No, I do not know your names

I do appreciate the right swipe and the few taps on your phone

It tells me I’m pretty and you wish to have me

Guess what? you absolutely can

And for as long as you’d like baby

“How are you doing?”

One word reply and you’re out

Say more and sound the horns,

A new game has just begun

All I ask is for your quick reply

“Who am I?”

Oh sure, I love talking about myself

“How about you?”

Nope I don’t really care.

I just need a reason to pass the time

You see, I’m bored out of my life

And we could all use some harmless fun right?

Let’s not stick to the basics

Who really cares about those?

I can tell you all the most random things

And you’ll laugh at my ever so witty commentary

Here we go again.

The rules are

No expectations, no strings attached

Let’s see where this leads

Before you decide our time is up

When I have you in my arms

I’ll write up our love story

How I’m this free spirit you see in the movies who’s definitely one of a kind

Oh you’ll fall in love with me

And i will say how lucky i am to have finally found you, sweet thing

It will be magic

Didn’t you already see the signs?

What were the odds of us meeting?

We’re fucking made for each other.

You see, you are not alone in the world

I am just like you, i can make you see that

Everything is the same in black and white

We lived the same life and i understand

I see you for who you are

And i hope you like what you see of me

Hours of talking and talking

Until I realize that I’m only left with you

Its amusing how entertaining it is get inside your head

I wonder how you are as the man in flesh

Will I still recognize you then?


I admit you are intriguing

I couldn’t get enough of knowing you

You belong up there on a pedestal where champions stand proud.

I’m no longer surprised by the words you say and the dreams you have

I just believe in how big of a person you are.

I love the gentle way you tell your stories

How I could feel you with me even when we’re miles part

We talk, talk and talk

Until I know everything about you

And you seem to know everything about me

Until there is just nothing left to talk about


“No, there is still the future to come”

Yes, we’ll have memories of our own

You want to see more of the world and of course I would tag along for the ride

I said yes yes yes to all of your invitations, promises, and dreams

Let’s just take off and leave our worlds behind

Just you and me, in a bubble en route to the stars

You paint quite a picture really

I almost almost had myself believing

Oh fool, I just won’t fall for that

But it felt really good to imagine

If I was somehow by your side then

It will be one hell of a happy ending

One could only dream asleep at night

Oh I can’t wait to meet you

To start up our tale of lust and adventure

“We’ll see each other for sure”

That’s right.

And then I can believe you

And then I can be sure

Oh I want to see you already, but when?

Every second of my life takes twice as long

Yours is going a hundred miles per hour

I hate waiting. Its ugly.

The paranoia, the anxiety, the desperation

Everything can change in a snap of a finger

Will you still be here after all that time?

What if you’re already talking to somebody else?

What if I’m making the same mistake?

I miss you.

How can I miss you when I haven’t even met you?

“How can I miss you when I’m talking to you right now?”

I’m pathetic and you love it

I would rather you just hurt me.

Hurt me as bad as you can.

I would have wanted you to do your worst

I could have rejoiced in the pain

That would have been better

Better than disappearing without a word

Like you never existed in the first place

Like I was delusional for thinking more of it

Feeling this numb,

knowing that I was right in the first place?

What consolation is that

when I could have had you?

when I could have had you

Being safe is not a victory

That’s not how you win the game

And I’m humiliated by it

You play the game like every other guy in the field

I’ve seen your moves before

I thought you were the only exception

But no, i was

because I understood the game

I been knocked down enough times

And every time I get back up, i only get stronger

And of course, I’ll get what i want

I always do, you’ll see

You still haven’t seen the last of me

Let another game begin.

Part 3/Finale: A Spoken Word to be Someone Like You Out Now

Disclaimer : This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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