Boracay Travel Stories: The Beach, Pubcrawl, Island Hoping and Parasailing

Kai-Kai All Over Boracay (“New” Boracay Travel Blog 2019)

Boracay was ours to conquer when we set foot into its fine white sand. My friend and I made sure to try everything and have full Boracay Island experience and we did. Mission Accomplished!

(I wouldn’t have gotten to Boracay, if not for Travelsure Travel and Tours! Click this link to read more about my first time Travelling Alone )

Boracay Pubcrawl: Best Party Ever!

We wanted to party alright! We also wanted to meet new people and make freaking friends (I’m so lonely, haha). To dance without a care in the world and a night that can get as wild as it can get, it’s that just the dream? We were a bit reluctant because of some of the news that Boracay got boring after it’s rehabilitation. They removed all of the bars by the beach front and you couldn’t bring any more food or drinks by the beach. That wasn’t the case though.

boracay pubcrawl

After dinner with my friend’s family, Vian and I hurried to Exit Bar by D-mall to join that night’s Pubcrawl. We were a bit late because there were already a lot of people inside wearing yellow shirts cut off in different styles. They gave us a free baller each and our own shot glass. The 990 regular price also included free passage and transport to the 5 bars we were going to that night and 2 free shots, a welcome and a good bye one for every bar we visit. After fitting through our shirts and writing our names, we were told to me new people: ask their names, where they’re from and an interesting thing about them.

We jumped right into it and introduced ourselves to the first couple of girls we saw. We instantly clicked and found our pack for the night and as we got around the bar and got to know more people, the larger our pack grew and the more welcome anyone was. I may be anti-social during a regular day, but I’m always up for new friends. Awkwardness cannot be found in Pubcrawl and I was over the moon because my weakness cannot be detected.

boracay pubcrawl

It’s amazing how everyone was just open and it didn’t matter where you’re from or who you are, everybody can be your friend. We got to meet so many people, a lot of Filipinos and also foreigners. Everybody was your friend and you will constantly be surprised by how incredible and funny anyone is. All of us were up for a good time and the energy never wavered wherever we went.

boracay pubcrawl

We went to 5 different bars, had such a great time in each of them Afterwards, we decided to find a place to eat Sinigang at 2 am in the morning. How random is that? We ended up eating chicken in mini-stop that has been friend too many times and then, walked everybody back to their hotels by the beach front.

boracay pubcrawl

Ugh, the friends we made were just the best kind of people. They’re the type of people you just smile when they pop into your mind. They were just so fun they are and I fulfilled my fantasy of the best night out ever. We were able to make friends, and dance our hearts out without any care in the world. We didn’t even get that drunk! I wish we could meet these people again one day because there is just so much more to get to know about them and a good time is automatically a given.

Lazy Day at the Beach


It’s was getting late in our second day in Boracay and we still haven’t dipped into the waters. It was declared that the second day in Bora be nothing but relaxation: no activity, just enjoying the day by the beach. I’m personally glad that this “New” Boracay was what I saw for my first time. The only Boracay that I will know of is that with fine white sand, and clear water getting bluer and bluer as it gets closer to the horizon where boats were sailing towards.

boracay beach

It’s weird because when you think about it, Boracay is just a typical beach. But, there is something about the island vibe that instantly pulls you into its beauty. You just freely give away all of your problems off to the shore and just relax, knowing the island will fully take care of you.

boracay palm trees

I took my phone into the water and took pictures swimming until the sun set for the day. At night, I went strolling along the beach front and just laid my back down on the sand, listening to music and just enjoying the many stars shining over the black sea.

boracay sunset

Island Hopping: Snorkeling, Puka Beach and More Snorkeling. That’s it.

Since it was the last freaking day in Boracay, I wanted to do everything there can be done. I started up the day bright and early and set off to a solo island hopping adventure. It would have been smarter to avail of the tour package right there in the island instead, because you could really get gotten better deals than what you saw online and already paid for.

Boracay island hopping

I hopped on to a boat along with several other people who were travelling in pax. Being alone wasn’t so bad, I still enjoyed the cool breeze and the magnificent view of the sea and the many islands we were sailing by.

boracay snorkelling

We stopped in the middle of the sea to go snorkeling. We jumped into the water, but stayed in the proximity of the boat with our life jackets and snorkeling googles on. The schools of fish were swimming by the bottom of the boat. There was one or two Dory’s here and there. Ugh, I wish that my eyes were clearer so I could have seen the many coral reefs below.

Our next stop was Puka Beach and it was not commercialized like Boracay. There were less people and the front was just lined up with local vendors selling food or trinkets.

puka beach borcay

There wasn’t much more to the island tour I joined and before we knew it we were already back to out to the port in Station 1. I wished there were more islands we could have gone to, activities done or better food eaten. Like, we talked to a vendor who said he offered unlimited crabs in the buffet or helmet diving included in the Php 1400 package. Since my tour has already been paid before my trip, I didn’t really have a choice but to stick with it. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed. Maybe next time?

Parasailing: “All I see is sky for forever”

I met up with Vian right after the island tour to go parasailing. It wasn’t a joke when I said everything was on the agenda that day. We got our deal directly from the people organizing the activities in Boracay and it only costs Php 1500 each. A speed boat took us to the floating registration in the middle of the sea and there we waited for a boat that will take us for a 15-minute flight to the sky. We were the first ones up and I really wasn’t looking forward to it because of my fear of heights. I still pushed myself to do it though, because my friend has been looking forward to this months before our actual trip. And, don’t we all just want our friends to be happy?

It’s not really as scary as you might think and we didn’t really have time to panic because we were already being lifted off to the air. It was one of the most chill rides ever and it isn’t frightening at all. You might be so high up the ground, but the sea doesn’t feel that far away from your feet.

You will literally feel like you’re a super hero taking break from your battles and just taking in the view of the entire surrounding islands you pass by.

It was the most surreal experience ever because when you’re up there, you finally feel like you have all the time in the world, knowing that there is just so much more our eyes can see.

boracay parasailing

Yes, I took my phone up there to the sky and they told me that if it falls down, they will not get it back for me. It really wasn’t worth it though because I did not get any good pictures or videos where we were up there at all. And you just can trust the guys down in the boat to take the videos and pictures for you anyway. They’re experts. Just look at these amazing shots!

Saying Goodbye: Our Last Sunset and our Last Night

boracay christian foremost

Exhaustion should have really hit me after all of the things we did. Surprisingly, there was still energy left in my body, but my stomach was growling for sure. I ate a Mongollian buffet in Villa de Oro alone (again) because the live music pulled me in. I ate 3 different bowls staying until the last set of songs the cute musician sang. Aren’t lounge singers just the best? I really just wish there was Spotify playlist of all of that dude’s covers. I could listen to that all day long. But of course I was too shy to ask, and left with a longing heart.

My flight was very early in the morning so my friend and I bought last minute souvenirs for ourselves and our friends back home. I went back to my hotel, packed up my stuff and barely slept through my last few hours in Boracay.

An Island Start Express crew fetched me from my hotel and assisted me back to the port. When I sat in the ferry, looked out into sea and got my phone to take a picture, the news arrived that my only grandmother has died. So yeah, I didn’t really know how to feel at that point. I just knew that I needed to get home.

boracay port

Back in the City, a Piece of Boracay with me

For sure, a large number have already gone to Boracay like more than once in their life and now I finally get it. I thought it was really overrated and didn’t get the hype of people wanting to go there every summer. I will definitely go back some time though because something is already pulling me back there. It’s different from any other beach you go to and you can’t exactly pinpoint what it is. I wish I didn’t have to leave the island and face everything that’s happening in my life at the moment, but I need to.

borcay sunset

You can only escape for a little while to appreciate what you have and how beautiful the world can be.

Yes, there might sunshine in some parts of the world, but you have to face the darkness because it is part of life. And then, it ends.

Take every opportunity you can and do everything you want and need to do. Nothing is stopping you from taking charge and making the most of your own life. Maybe then, you’ll get to really realize whether you’ve lived at all.

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