Self-Improvement tips that will change your life

Written by Alita Pacio

Anyone can get excited about improving themselves especially at the beginning of the year but a few people are actually serious about taking their goals into action. Many of us set the intention to improve ourselves but faced with difficulties we easily drop and forget the promises we once told ourselves. The intention of changing your life is good but it’s not enough. Intention won’t get you anywhere because here’s the underlying truth – success is built on consistency, commitment, actions, and a little push from other people. The latter is what I am here for. I’m here to give you some inspiration and a little push to crushing your goals to improve your life. You can work on your consistency, how committed you are to improving yourself, and take actions but motivation and inspiration come from the outside. Herein lies the power of inspiration: feeling inspired is one of the keys to success. 

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How can you improve yourself?

I hate to break it for you but the journey to improving yourself is gonna be a bumpy road. I can’t promise you it’s comfortable. If you want to grow, be ready that you will be faced with uncomfortable moments because there’s no comfort in your growth zone. For you to change your life for the better you have to be constantly feeding yourself with new experiences. And growth starts within you. Your hair and nails grow naturally but you don’t. No one will make you better, you have to constantly work on yourself to improve. These involve reading books, listening to powerful speakers, practicing gratitude and affirmations, exercising, making a vision board, the list goes on. Hopefully, after reading these self-improvement tips, you’ll get the right amount of inspiration to take the first step to improve yourself and your life. 

1. Practice gratitude and affirmations daily

Start your day with gratitude and end your day with it. There is power in gratitude. Appreciation of the little things is one. Appreciation gives us purpose to start our day. And when you start your day positively, you open yourself to infinite positivity and awesomeness. Appreciation can easily turn a bad day into a positive one. This is the reason why being grateful can transform lives. Remember to end your day with appreciation. 

What your repeated do determines your success in this life. What you eat, read, and watch, the people you surround yourself with every day has an impact on your development so as what you say to yourself every day and what you hear. Whatever we do repeatedly becomes our reality. That is the power of affirmation. Putting notes all over your room saying “I am awesome, I am a magnet of happiness I am enough and worthy” is an effective way to shape our reality. Making a vision board has its own effectiveness in achieving the things we want in life.

2. Gain new experiences. Befriend the unfamiliar and the discomfort

It is natural for us to be scared when we are faced with new, big, uncomfortable, and unknown situations but remember that when you commit to improving yourself you commit to getting uncomfortable over and over again. This means if you want to be a good writer, you’ll have to accept that you will make poor articles at first. If you want to be a good speaker or be good at communication, you will encounter embarrassing and awkward conversations. Know that we all start somewhere small. It takes a process to be great at something. If you see someone good at something, they all started as a beginner. You won’t achieve the result you want overnight. Do not be afraid of unknown things. Ask if you have to. Follow people who can help and support you. 

3. Focus on what you can change, drop your focus on the things you can’t 

Things we can change are the food that we eat, how we spend our time, and who to spend with. The books we read and the podcasts we listen to. Focus on these things because they will pave your way to improvement. Things we cannot change include other people’s opinions, news, and events such as the pandemic. Shift your energy to the right things and people. Instead of thinking about how this pandemic sucks because we can’t travel and it’s really limiting, take things into your matters and find productive things to do at home. Take it as a chance to brush up your skills, or even learn new skills. Time is a finite commodity. Do not waste it on the wrong and unnecessary things such as what people think of you. 

4. Celebrate your accomplishments 

Acknowledging your wins holds a great role in keeping you in line with your goals. However big or small your accomplishments are, you have to celebrate them. Write down things you’re proud of, read your list as many times as you can. It boosts confidence and it will help you keep moving.

5. Start right now

There is no perfect timing to start than now. Waiting until you’re ready is like waiting for the bus in an ocean. It will never come. As Jen Sincero said, “If you keep waiting for the right time, you are living the wrong life”. The best time to start is now. Don’t let fear succumb you because fear will always be with us. We can’t go around it so just accept the fear and start anyway. Don’t let procrastination beat you either. Here’s a tip, start small. Take little baby steps instead of diving right into a big, scary thing. Look for people who have been on the journey you’re trying to take, learn from them. Surround yourself with people who can support you in your dreams. 

6. Always align you actions to your goals

Make sure that every single action you do is in alignment with your goals. Keep your goals on top your list and direct all your thoughts, feelings and actions in realizing your dreams. Goals give us clarity to what we want in this life, they give us direction and they guide us to our destination. But guidance won’t be enough if we don’t align our thoughts and actions to them. When you get off the track, make sure to get back to your goals as fast as you can. Remember why you started and this will keep you moving forward. If you want to work on your financial stability, every time you make that decision to spend money, ask yourself first “is this in alignment to my goals?” if you want to do be better in your exams, every time you skip reviewing your notes or when you get lazy, ask yourself “Is this in alignment with my goals”.

If you made it till the end of this article, Congratulations. You are officially desperate. If you can’t get over this topic, head over to share to inspire blog. It’s all about personal growth and inspiration. Read the blogs and get empowered to improve yourself. Now, I have done my job here, over to you now. Just remember you have the ability to transform your life.

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  1. Great tips! Laking tulong ng mga tips na ito lalo na sa akin. Isa sa gusto ko yung sinabi mo na “There is no perfect timing to start than now.” Heto yung minsan problema ko din, waiting for the right time lagi.

  2. Nicole San Miguel

    Practicing gratitude and affirmations daily is really effective! I always look for self-improvement tips, I’m happy I came across this post! Thanks for sharing other useful tips 🙂

  3. This is some real talk we need to hear! Ahh especially number 3. I still struggle with this but slowly i’m trying to do it and it’s working. Great tips!

  4. Katherine Rose Coronel- Rivera

    Your number 1 tip is really important. This will really improve your life. Staying positive and grateful, always no matter what.

  5. These are all wonderful and helpful tips, this is quite a positive and lovely post to read. Thanks for sharing this! I hope you have a wonderful 2021.

  6. These are some practical and easy ways to improve yourself. I am going to stop procrastinating this year…hopefully that would help in self-improvement.

  7. I would probably follow tips 2,4 and 5. I HAve to admit that the biggest problem I have encountered is your # 5 tip. But, this year, I have to. Thank you for sharing this informative blogpost. Stay safe!

  8. I would probably follow tips 2,4 and 5. I HAve to admit that the biggest problem I have encountered is your # 5 tip. But, this year, I have to. Thank you for sharing this informative blogpost. Stay safe!

  9. I would probably follow your self-improvement tips especially numbers 2,4 and 5. I hate to admit that starting now is the biggest challenge I have faced since time immemorial. But, I have to. Thanks for this informative blogpost.

  10. It’s important to try to improve. However, one should also accept weak, dark moments in order not to add more stress. A balanced life is important – and accepting yourself with all your weaknesses.

  11. Rowena Callo Villareno

    wow thanks po sa tips very helpful po ito😍😍

    gusto ko yung word mo na “feeling inspired is one of the keys to success 😊😊ma push po talaga tayo lalo sa gusto natin lalo na pag may inspiration tayo and motivation 😊

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