Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle with Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

If you’re planning to get a driver’s license for motorcycle or adding a restriction for motorcycle on your existing driver’s license, please know that completing a Motorcycle Practical Instruction Course from an LTO (Land Transportation Office)-accredited school is one of the requirements for application.

Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle with Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

As of writing the blog, only a few driving schools here in Metro Manila offer motorcycle practical riding courses. One of which is Smart Driving School which announced the opening of its Motorcycle Training Program last December 2020, at their Road 20 branch in Quezon City.


Smart Driving School offers its Motorcycle Practical Instruction Course for Php. 3000. The training program includes a Mandatory 5-hour Exclusive Seminar for Riders and then, a Basic 8-hour motorcycle practical instruction. You may choose to learn how to ride a Manual, Automatic or Semi-Automatic transmission. The course will take 2 days, 4 hours each.

You’ll need the following requirements, before enrolling in SMART’s Motorcycle Training Program:

There are fixed schedules for the Mandatory 5-hour Exclusive Seminar for Riders which you’d have to inquire SMART about first which will take place in the training center. The seminar will start with a bike test where they’ll also check your balance, coordination and skill level on the bike. Afterwards, they’ll scheduled you in for your 2-day motorcycle practical instruction course based on your availability.

There are also additional requirements to bring on the first day of your scheduled motorcycle practical instruction course:


You’ll also need to be in proper attire during your days of training:

  • Closed shoes
  • Full-length pants
  • Wear Jacket or long sleeve shirt
  • Mask

The instructors will start by teaching you simple warm-up exercises to get your body ready. They will also teach you the different parts of a motorcycle you need to check before riding namely the BLOWBAGETS (Battery, Lights, Oil, Water, Break, Air, Gas, Engine, Tire and Self). Aside from teaching you about the motorcycle and how to ride it, they will also let you experience how to carry a motorcycle for instances where you run out of gas or get broken down in the middle of the rode.

 Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

The layout of SMART Road 20 Motorcycle Training Center also resembles actual streets outside so you’ll get to follow road markings and observe road signs. They also use traffic cones to simulate other scenarios you might encounter while riding a motorcycle on the road. The entire training will only take place within the training center with supervision of the instructors. Also for safety, the motorcycles have crash-pads on its sides so the it will not fall on you even if you lose balance and turn over. Some motorcycles also have side-cars for balance assistance. 

There will be an assessment on your last day of training. If you pass, you may get your completion certificate after 3-5 business days. On the instance that you fail the assessment, you can extend your training hours and be assessed again with corresponding payment. For example, you can schedule for a 4-hour extension for another day which will cost about Php. 1500.

My Experience Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle with Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

All right! Now, that we’ve laid out all of the information you need to know about SMART’s Driving School’s Motorcycle Training Program, here comes the fun part! Let me share with you guys my experience learning how to ride a motorcycle. I freaking know how to ride a motorcycle now! Can you guys even believe it? Like what was going on my mind exactly? Such a random idea! Hahaha. But, let me tell you that I had so much fun. I had so much fun even if I ended up failing the assessment!

My Experience Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle with Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

Why the hell do I want to learn how to ride a motorcycle?

Firstly, doesn’t the idea of riding a motorcycle just excite you? As dangerous as it is, I have to admit I enjoy the adrenaline that courses through my body whenever I hop on the back of a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle is like you’re on a roller coaster of the real world, especially when you’re up high on flyovers here in Metro Manila. Having a motorcycle is also cheaper than having a car. It’s easier to maintain. Filling a tank is less expensive, and you wouldn’t have to worry that much about parking and traffic! No worries though, because as impulsive as I am, buying a motorcycle is still a big investment which would need more planning and big adult decisions.

motorcycle Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

I admit that yes, it’s scary to ride a motorcycle here in Metro Manila, but there isn’t any harm in learning how to ride.  And what better place is there to learn how to ride a motorcycle than in an actual school, right? Of course, they’ll prioritize your safety so accidents should be close to none. And besides, it is also an additional requirement for the driver’s license here in the Philippines anyways. It’s good to have the certificate if ever I do decide to add the restriction to my driver’s license.

Let’s get ready to ride!

Before your 1st day of motorcycle riding class, I would suggest to get your other requirements ready.  I ordered my  helmet and protect gear from Shoppe. They came super quickly in the mail. I’ll be sharing the links of the items with you guys so that you may check them out (Helmet, Elbow and Knee Pads, Riding Gloves). It’s also encouraged to practice riding a bike before your class so that basic turning and balancing won’t be that much of an issue. Remember to get your medical certificate and do not forget it at home. This happened to me and they refused to let me train, even when I brought all the other stuff! I would suggest also bringing a bottle of water and an extra change of clothes for the day. Also, eat a full meal! That’s it!

Riding a motorcycle is a full body activity, and trust me when I say that they put us through quite a workout. Who knew that motorcycles were so heavy? We had to push them around the training center for how many rounds. I swear that sweat was dripping like a faucet from my face already!! My regular home workouts failed to give me the strength and endurance to survive through that.

Learning how to ride a motorcycle is so much fun!

It’s easy to learn how to ride a motorcycle actually, especially a scooter or an automatic transmission. You hop on, switch the engine, twist the throttle and you’re already moving.  But since your body is exposed when riding a motorcycle, you will actually be doing half of the work. You need to turn your head and look before you move or make any other turns. Safety is priority, because so many people get accidents riding motorcycles. The instructor who gave the seminar told us that every motorcycle rider will turn over or fall down at some point. So it’s important to be careful and to know what to do in case of accidents.

During my first day, I would twist the throttle so much that the instructors were scared of how fast I was going. And yeah, I almost crashed a couple of times. Good thing, the break worked every time. Hahaha.

motorcycle Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

When I hop on the motorcycle, I always started off nervous and a bit rough. It also didn’t help that guys I was taking the classes with were actual riders already. I was the only one learning it for the first time from scratch, and I was completely messing up. Balancing and raising my feet off the ground were easy enough, but for some reason, I had difficulty making turns on a motorcycle. No matter how many times I passed by the course, I could never make a sharp right turn! The others had to leave me in the same course while they were already climbing uphill.

It was very frustrating because even when I tried my hardest, again and again, I could never get it right.  There was a point at the training where I was already so exhausted. I knew that it was a lost cause for me already, at least on that day. Why did I think this was such a good idea? I had given up the idea of even passing already. I just rode poorly around and around the course, because being on the motorcycle was fun and I wouldn’t have a chance to ride a motorcycle myself again soon.

Last thoughts…

Learning how to ride a motorcycle at Smart Driving School Road 20 was such a thrilling experience. Special thanks to my instructors sir Angelo, and Christopher for an unbelievable amount of patience. They paid close attention and delivered clear step by step instructions. They were so eager to help me learn, even if I couldn’t get it right after multiple tries already. They would even chase me down the course when I make my turns so I would close my throttle and not turn it for more speed. LOL.

learning how to ride a motorcycle at smart driving school, road 20

The experience was so worth it even if  let’s say I’ll never actually ride a motorcycle on the streets of Metro Manila. I mean are you kidding me? I will for sure get into so many accidents if you release me on the streets with a motorcycle! I’ll be dead okay, but I don’t want other people to die too! No!

My Experience Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle with Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

Even if I failed the assessment, I’m not giving up. I am coming back to Smart Driving School and yes, I’ll try  to complete the Motorcycle Training Program. I can do this! I’ll just have to take some time practicing on my own. I already know  how to ride a motorcycle. I just need more practice and like everything else, it will get better every time I try. I can even say that the experience I had with then is worth more than I paid for! This was much more fun that learning how to drive a car. Vroom. vroom guys!

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Learning How to Ride a Motorcycle with Smart Driving School Road 20, QC

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  1. talaga ba? I didnt know na kailangan ng sariling permit or license para sa motorcycle. my husband kasi has been driving na din motorcycle for a decade tapos siguro halos 2 decades na din na merong drivers license. akala ko once na meron kang drivers license eh basta marunong ka mag motor eh yun na din yun.

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  2. I like the acronym “BLOWBAGETS” for safety precautions .. i think it can also be applied for driving cars. Also, it’s good that you learned how to drive a motorcycle for future use. Ingat, Christian! 🙂

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  3. Wow I love that you gave very detailed information. I want to learn how to ride motorcycle too, at least I know how to ride a bike na pasado na ko sa isang requirements. I heard good feedbacks about smart driving school, jan din nag aral tropa kong mag drive. Good luck on your next assessment, Aja!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Sounds like a great school to practice at! When I was a kid I loved riding dirt bikes, but I don’t know if I’d have the nerves to ride a motorcycle in traffic.

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  5. Wow ang galing . Gusto ko din matuto magmotor marmi dn tlga natuto sa school driving . And need din tlga ito 😍 buti ako marunong na mg bike . Sna matuto dn ako mag motor ❤️ thankyou for sharing this 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks sa info big help to sa mga katulad namin wala pa idea and gusto kumuha ng motor.anyway keep safe po sa kalsada delikado po talaga kaya dapat kompleto sa gamit.

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  7. I wish I had the guts to learn how to drive a motorcycle! I can drive but am also scared to drive in the Philippines! I was in Cebu and the traffic was crazy!

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  8. Growing up I was given opportunities to learn how to ride a bicycle but I was always afraid, unfortunately I don’t know up to now. I have recently developed the urge to ride a motorcycle, I hope it will soon be a reality.

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  9. This school seems legit! I took a motorcycle riding class a few years back and though I did okay, I actually failed the final cause I laid out on the final exam which is a big no no. So I guess I need to really take it again at a place like the Smart driving school.

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  10. Gusto ka talaga matuto mag motor. Marunong naman ako mag bike pero recently hindi na ako nagbike so need na i refresh. Natatakot lang ako pag nasa kalsada na. Good thing that the school put emphasis on your safety kasi detailed sila sa mga requirements na need mo bilhin para sa pag motorcycle riding. Hope I can also get a class. You are so brave I know someday youll pass the test. Keep safe 😊

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