Cartoon Online Games that Teach You About Real-Estate and Business

Outside of my usual 9-5 corporate desk job, I am always looking for creative ways to pass the time. Normally, I would pop in and watch one of those cartoons I used to enjoy as a kid. The nostalgia from watching those old cartoons is comforting, but most of the time I want something more. My brain tends to still be active after work and it yearns for some simulation.

I recently discovered that there are a bunch of online money games that you can play featuring my favorite cartoons. Not only that, these are the type of online games where you not only get to have fun but also practice your money and business skills. I totally love the idea of mixing fun and learning together. You retain so much more knowledge and apply your skills!

Cartoon Online Games that Teach You About Real-Estate and Business

Playing Online Games and Achieving Life Goals

One of my life goals this year is to make more money. There are several more ways to earn more money aside from the salary of a 9-5 job. You can earn from real estate, business, and even crypto-currency. The issue is, that I have no clue about how any of those work, nor do I think that I have the skills to make real estate or business successful. Now of course, before we risk our actual money in the real world, it’s best to practice first in low-stakes scenarios. Playing online games related to real estate and business seems to be a fun way to develop the necessary skills. If I somehow incorporate an element of fun into learning and achieving my life goals, then I would be more motivated. To train me to become more strategic and business savvy, I want to test out my skills in online game environments or simulations featuring cartoons from my childhood.


GAME: LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect

In LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect, players assist Mayor Solomon Fleck in creating a LEGO city by constructing different structures, which generate tax income that can be used to expand the city. I totally love this game because you can really appreciate the value of real estate and how you can earn a lot of money from the establishments you build.

You need to start off your city by building a police station and a fire station. This is to protect your properties if ever any fire starts or robbery happens. With the initial coins and materials that I had, I built my first Donut shop which generated 60 coins after about 2.5 minutes.

In order to build new infrastructures, you need to dig for Lego pieces. You can spend your coins for more chances of digging to look for the required Lego pieces to build your establishments.

Once you have enough coins and you’ve dug up the correct Lego pieces, you can pick to build different kinds of establishments to add to your city.

With more money earned from my establishments and Lego pieces dug, I was able to build more infrastructures in my city that have the potential to earn more income.

You have to keep watch though because there are instances where one of your establishments may suddenly catch fire. You need to respond immediately as part of the fire patrol in order to put out the fire and save your place.

If you fail to respond, your establishment may burn to the ground!

No worries though since if you have a ton of money and a lot of building infrastructure, you can continue to grow and build more. As you can see in the image below, my city has grown so much and I am generating so much money from each establishment.

It’s so thrilling collecting the coins without doing much! All I had to do was wait for the establishments to earn coins. Most of my focus where on digging up for Legos or materials and building more establishments for my city. This game was so much fun and it really makes me want to invest my money in real estate because there is such a high return!



In The Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem, you manage the store much like in the old days. You choose the groceries for your clients, saving them from having to grab them themselves. This game features characters from one of my favorite cartoons: The Loud House where we have to help Lincoln’s best friend, Ronnie-Ann and her brother, Bobby manage their family’s grocery store.

Each customer will come into the grocery with a shopping list of items they want to buy, you have to help Ronnie-Ann pick up the grocery items so that the customer can proceed to check out and pay for their orders.

You have to pay attention to the inventory as well since the supplies can run out especially if there are a lot of people buying in the grocery. Bobby is the one in charge of replenishing the grocery items if you see that they are running low.

The customer comes in waves and you have to fulfill their requests. Ronnie-Ann has to check their grocery list, pick up the items on their shelves, and then bring them to the customer. Ronnie-Anne cannot get the items if the inventory is low so Bobby has to be on stand-by to make sure that there are enough stocks. You have to make sure that all the customers leave the grocery store with the items in their groceries checked out and then you earn money.

This game is not as easy as it sounds because it can be overwhelming especially if the customers keep coming. You have to be on top of everything when you’re running a business to make sure that your customers are happy. Manpower is also very important since it takes the employees working together on top of their game to fulfill the customer needs and for the business to earn. I admit that I wasn’t able to complete all of the grocery lists of the customers that came in because there were a lot! It really speaks that managing a business takes skills, patience, and practice!

Playing Online Money Games and Achieving Life Goals!

I had so much fun playing these online simulation money games about real estate and business! I have to say that they really put my skills to the test. I’m not saying that after playing these two games I’m actually ready to put my money on real estate or a grocery business, but this was a great way to dip my toes. Not just adults, but even kids can enjoy these games and develop an interest in business. Hopefully, they will be able to make strategic decisions about how they invest their money and manage their business in the future. There’s so much potential!

I’d totally recommend you guys to go try out LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect and THE CASAGRANDES MERCADO MAYHEM, especially if you also love Lego or The Loud House cartoons. I’m definitely more motivated to achieve my life goals of being successful both in real estate and business after playing these games. They are just so much fun and I have to say that my strategies are improving over time. We never know maybe I will finally have my own real estate properties and grocery business in the future where I earn a lot of money from like I did from these games! Now, that’s something to look forward to!

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  1. I like these kinds of games. I used to play some tycoon type games and really enjoyed them. It makes sense that there are some benefits to learning strategies.

  2. I love how you are exploring creative ways to spend your free time! It’s great that you’re not only finding activities that bring you joy but also challenging yourself to learn new skills. The idea of playing online money games featuring your favourite cartoons is brilliant. It’s a fun way to improve your money management and business skills while indulging in nostalgia. Mixing entertainment and education can be a powerful tool, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the benefits of it. Keep exploring and learning, and have fun!

  3. It is always great to find games whether for kids or adults that can help teach important topics & fundamentals like this. Thanks for sharing the list.

  4. I love how you tie in real life jobs to gaming. I am not a risk taker when it comes to employment, but I have no problems doing it while playing a game. I should take a few lessons I have learned from gaming and apply it to work.

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