List of Pinoy BL Series for 2022 to Watch Now!

Nope, it seems that we cannot get enough of BL or Boys Love series here in the Philippines. We just want more guy-on-guy action! People have opened up to same-sex romances and they are delightfully enjoying as much content as they can online. As a gay Filipino, I am happy that many queer stories are being told by several production studios big and small. There is a market for Filipino BL series and let me tell you, it’s just not Filipinos, but people from different nationalities all around the world!

List of 2022 Pinoy BL Series to Watch Now!

For the third year in a row, we will give you more Pinoy BL Series to watch. Are you curious to see what kind of stories our Filipinos have produced this 2022? Spoiler Alert! There are still quite a lot and the ones on this list are for sure worth a try!

2022 Pinoy BL Series You’ll Enjoy!

Gameboys 2

Set in the midst of the global pandemic, Cairo and Gavreel, who had previously been communicating online, decide to try living together for a brief period of time. However, while Gav is aggressive and straightforward in expressing his love, Cairo, who is more modest, is not quite ready to move forward so swiftly. As the two continue to spend time together and explore their feelings for each other, they are unexpectedly greeted by Terrence, Gav’s ex-boyfriend. All of a sudden, Cairo and Gav’s lives take a turn for the worse, and soon, unexpected difficulties befall the two souls who have now fallen in love with each other.

Beach Bros

A group of teenage boys comes of age when an alluring and mysterious woman arrives at their remote resort island town bearing secrets, hijinks, danger, and the possibility of true love.

Rainbow Prince

Rainbow Prince is a musical Filipino (Pinoy) boys’ love (BL) series. It is the story of Prince Zeyn, a young and audacious prince who is destined for a path filled with adventure, soul searching, and true love. His journey leads to magical moments, new relationships, and the most challenging decision of his life — the decision of his heart over his duty as the future king of Zurbania. Prince Zeyn has to differentiate his reality from fantasy. What is more important, his responsibility to rule a nation or his true heart’s desires? Can he find a middle ground or will he be forced to make the ultimate decision?

Papa, What is Love?

Rich, a middle-aged widower, hires a young house helper, Tupe. When their working relationship turns into romance, will Rich’s son be able to accept it?

Tie the Not

Briggs is a simple guy who never got a chance to fall in love because of his responsibilities in their bridal car business, then love finally struck when he met Shao. The problem is Shao is set to be wed with Louise because of an arranged marriage. Tie The Not is a story of sexual awakening and acceptance. It will teach you that true love is how we define it. That it is never too late to fall in love, and that true love is worth fighting for.

My Freaky Love Story

After a night of heavy drinking, Charlene wakes up in a man’s body as a punishment by the Fairy Godmother. However, Charlie is the only one that remembers Charlene used to be a woman. Now, Charlene must find her one true love in order to get back to her original body.

Kumusta Bro

Kumusta Bro The Series is about the intertwined lives of Thirdy, Bench, Dean, Cerwin and Fons who are trying to chase down each other because of love and romance as they face the challenges of “adulting”. This is the TV adaptation of Kumusta Bro Livestream show created by Real S. Florido. Kumusta Bro The Series stars Sky Quizon, Kristof Garcia, RJ Agustin, Allen Cecilio, JM Mendoza together with Divine. Also starring are RJ Buena, Robin Hanrath, Kim Quindoza, Nicki Morena, Spencer Abadilla, Alex San Agustin and Bryan Sotto.

Two and One

Will this new addition to their relationship will make them stronger or break them forever? A gay couple realizes they aren’t sexually compatible, so they look for a third man. But when betrayal and jealousy sneak in, their relationship shatters…

Mystery of Love

Sometimes people are afraid of falling in love because it sometimes comes in a way we never expected. You can fall into it with the most unexpected person at the most unexpected time. The thing about love is that it catches you unaware when you aren’t looking for it. It’s amazing how you can fall in love with a person you didn’t even notice the first time you met them. Love moves the heart in unexpected directions.When love finds you, comes to you and captures you, how will you handle it?


What will you choose: A long-lasting friendship or a love that’s unsure?

The Hiers

Kevin inherited his parents’ debt and struggles to find the money to pay it off. Though him and his debt collector, Carl, don’t seem to get along at first, they grow close after Kevin helps Carl when his house is robbed.

Stranger’s Love

Two heartbroken strangers find solace with each other as they spend the night together.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

When Christian Charles was sent to their family’s friend, Kelly in a far-flung province because of bad behavior, he never realized that his supposed punishment for his rebelliousness will become a journey of self-discovery, acceptance and a bond of friendship like no other.


Vincent Magbanua and Precious Burton play husband and wife on the verge of a marriage breakdown, when a mysterious man (Vin Drigo) enters their lives. Secrets unravel and passions entangle, reaching an explosive climax amidst the backdrop of an eruption.

For a full collection of Filipino BL Series, you may check out this list by DramaLover143 on MyDramaList.

Some Pinoy BLs are problematic, but I hope we get better.

Of course, the whole BL industry here in the Philippines still has issues. Straight actors are cast in gay roles. We lack the representation of more diverse queer characters. Feminine gay characters who make up a huge number of gay Filipinos are set aside to serve only as comic relief. Even if it seems that we are getting so much Pinoy BL content from small to large studios, the overall quality of the writing and the production still need a lot of improvement.

The majority of the shows seem to revolve around sex and lack depth and character development. I wouldn’t be one of those people to complain about scenes with shirtless men, but extensive shower and explicit scenes are a bit too much especially when they do not add much to the story. Sometimes, I’m forced to wonder if what I was watching was a legit series or just a long-version soft core corn.

I long to see BL masterpieces like Gameboys, Gaya sa Pelikula, and Hello Stranger from 2020 again soon. I’m really wishing that bigger production studios would produce great quality queer media that the Filipino people deserve. I hope that more queer actors would be cast in lead roles because there are a lot of talented ones out there. I also wish that more diverse and deep stories would be told-those that numerous Filipino gay men would relate to and be proud to share with their family and friends. To better storytelling and to continuous support for Filipino queer media!

Do you want more Pinoy BL Series? Most of my favorite ones came from this List of 2020 Pinoy BL Series, but there is also a bunch of good ones from the List of 2021 Pinoy BL Series. Enjoy and I hope we all have some real gay fun!

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9 thoughts on “List of Pinoy BL Series for 2022 to Watch Now!”

  1. Blair Villanueva

    I haven’t watched any BL-theme movies but your recommendations sound appealing. Those movie posters are on-point as well, nakaka-intriguing panoorin! Are some of them available on Netflix?

  2. Jennifer Prince

    Ooh! This looks like such a great list. I haven’t heard of some, but they seem worth checking out. Thanks!

  3. Those seem like quite a representation on that genre. You would think they’d be able to get better casting/representation for the actors though.

  4. These all look like excellent series in that genre. I really hope that eventually, the representation and casting gets where it needs to be in this area of entertainment.

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