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Christian Foremost is a Filipino Gay Journal about discovering our true selves and loving life outside the closet.

There’s so much life to experience like queer culture, online dating, relationships, adulting, hobbies such as traveling, working out, online shopping, food, series, and exciting events!

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Gay Journal

Expressing my honest thoughts and emotions, reflections on living as a gay Filipino.

Pinoy BL

Join our LGBTQIA+ party with Pinoy BL and queer media series recommendations.

Online Dating Stages

Navigate the realities of online dating and modern relationships.


Pursue true passions and interests, try cool things, visit new places, and go after everything life has to offer.

Online Shopping

Check out only the most interesting Shopee or Tiktok online finds that will completely change your life!


Tag along the journey as  I travel to different places for the first time!


Binge remarkable series, movies, and shows you’ll never grow bored of!


Get that body moving, muscles pumping and those endorphins kicking in!


Taste the delight of the first bite and devour the rest into your mouth!


Get motivated to achieve your goals, learn, grow, and become the best version of yourself.

Social Media Detox

Take a sweet break from the digital world and be mindful of your present surroundings.

Work Life

Get down to business with helpful tips from the corporate world.

Events & Promos

Experience exciting events, support important advocacies, and learn about helpful brands you can trust!


Learn about the artists of your favorite songs and the stories of how they wrote them


Dive into Christian Foremost’s world of make-believe and the unfulfilled fantasies of a wishful masochist

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