Pinoy BL Series Actors You’ll Fall For Too! – 2023

If you’ve fallen into the Pinoy BL series craze as I have, I’m sure you’ve also developed some crushes for Pinoy BL series actors. The great thing about Pinoy BLs is you’ve got at least twice the leading men to swoon over! No matter what you find attractive in a guy, these Pinoy BL series actors have done fantastic work relaying different kinds of queer stories to the Filipino audience and those worldwide!  

Pinoy Bl Series Actors You'll Fall For Too! - 2023

The Filipino Boys Love Series Actors listed here have been in more than one BL series since 2020 and are admittedly swoon-worthy. We’ll include actors who were known because of the iconic gay roles they played. The intense chemistry and sexual tension they created with their partner drew us deeper into their love story. The handsome faces, rockin’ bods, and captivating acting prowess these actors showcased make us anticipate what they’ll do next! Just a note that since this is a personal blog, there is a certain bias when it comes to choosing Pinoy series BL actors we have the feels for.

I do want to caution that most of the actors cast in these series are not necessarily queer. Filipinos have a habit of casting straight actors into queer roles which is a problem for another blog. Nonetheless, these Pinoy BL actors are allies of the community and we are free to obsess and fantasize over them no matter our sexual orientation. We’ve also included these actors’ Instagram profiles so feel free to follow them!

Filipino BL Series Actors You’ll Fall in Love With

Miggy Jimenez

Known for his role as “Wesley”, Cairo (Elijah Canlas)’s childhood best friend from the province in GAMEBOYS, Miggy Jimenez stood out even when he came in late in the online series. His intense gaze, relaxed vibe, and alarmingly insane chemistry with his love interest, Terence (played by Kyle Velino) made us all more invested in his character. After GAMEBOYS, Miggy went on to star in a BL film called Two and One alongside Paolo Panginilanan and Cedrick Juan. Two and One was a movie about a new couple who opened up their relationship to a third person to solve their sexual compatibility issues. In this daring film, Miggy unleashed his winning charisma, and sex appeal and wasn’t afraid to give us everything he’s got.

Kokoy De Santos

We must all confess that the reason we watched the first episode of GAMEBOYS was because of Kokoy’s abs in the video thumbnail! Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise that I enjoyed the episode I watched, given that it was one of the first Pinoy BLs ever produced. More than Gavreel’s (Kokoy’s character) looks, it was the playful nature of his character that made us like him more. Kokoy’s incredible acting skills drove us deeper and deeper into his virtual romance with Cairo (played by Elijah Canlas). After GAMEBOYS, Kokoy starred in another Pinoy BL series called Oh Mando. Currently, Kokoy has been very active in the showbiz industry starting in diverse roles in multiple movies and tv shows.

Elijah Canlas

When I was watching GAMEBOYS, I honestly didn’t find Elijah attractive. He was the shy one in the relationship and I identified with his character more than I was interested in it. It was sometime during the middle of the GAMEBOYS series, that I was like “he’s kind of cute”. When Gavreel (played by Koky De Santos) came into Cairo’s (Elija’s character) life, he became more confident and assertive. Cairo’s the silent, but deadly type and Elijah was able to capture his essence. He also gave a stellar performance during the intensely dramatic scenes at the end parts of the series. After GAMEBOYS, he also starred in a psychological film named About Us But Not About Us where he plays a student in tandem with a college professor played by Romnick Sarmenta.

Paolo Pangilinan

Paolo is one of the few openly gay Pinoy BL series actors out there and that is enough to put him on this list! Paolo’s cute face and hot bod didn’t hurt. Even as a newbie actor who came straight from studying medicine, Paolo was able to give a brilliant performance in his BL series: Gaya sa Pelikula alongside his co-star, Ian Pangilinan. Until this day, Gaya Sa Pelikula is still a God-Tier Boys Love series that will forever have a place in all of our hearts. After Gaya sa Pelikula, Paolo went on to more mature roles as he starred in Two and One alongside Miggy Jimenez and Cedrick Juan.

JC Alcantara

Who wouldn’t burst into flames upon looking at the handsome face of Tony Labrusca? Well, JC Alcantara handled it quite well when he starred alongside Tony in their Pinoy BL series: Hello Stranger. It’s the quiet and shy nature of JC’s character in the series that made us have a sweet spot for the character. JC gave such gentleness and sincerity in his role as “Mikko” that made the fans want to cheer them on. After Hello Stranger, JC went on to play other roles in movies and series. His latest one is Drag You & Me where his character gives drag a try! I’m super excited for this series since it also features my favorite Drag Race Philipines queens!

Teejay Marquez

Some of us might know Teejay from his many Tiktok thirst traps, but he was able to showcase more of himself in his Pinoy BL series: Ben X Jim which also had a second season: B X J Forever. He knows that there are a lot of men thirsting after him in the comment section of his social media videos and he was smart to market to them! We ourselves, cannot deny Teejay’s charm and of course, we’ll keep watch whenever he’s on screen. You can also see Teejay in My Story: The Series, as he plays Win, the new love interest of Sky (played by Miko Gallardo).

Aki Torres

Aki Torres is first known for his role as Ace in My Day: The Series, a rude, entitled, and spoiled son of a cake empire who surprisingly has a sweet spot for dogs. I don’t know why we find straight-up rude people to be attractive, but it works in the kind of enemies-to-loves set that they’ve got going on in the show. That slow burn of uncovering layers of the character makes us more curious to learn more. We must also admit that Aki has a very picturesque face that’s also angel-like so the rude nature of his character is a good contrast. Aside from this, he also started in My Toxic Lover.

Miko Galldardo

There is an effortless charm to Miko Gallardo and I instantly fell for him in his first few scenes in My Day: The series. There is an ease to his acting and there’s something naturally attractive to him. Through most of My Day The Series, you’ll empathize with Sky (Mikko’s character) and want to save him from the wrath of Ace (played by Aki Torres). Miko reprised his role as Sky in My Story: The Series, but was paired with another actor: Teejay Marquez.

Do You Know More Pinoy Boys Love Actors?

How about you guys, do you know other hotties from the Pinoy BL world that we should definitely include in this list? I for sure have a lot more Pinoy BL to catch up on. There may be more guys for me to fawn over. Let me know in the comment section below so that I can be more inspired by more unattainable male celebrities!

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4 thoughts on “Pinoy BL Series Actors You’ll Fall For Too! – 2023”

  1. ang dami nila and good-looking, too. are they all gays? you mentioned one openly gay actor. what about the others? are they just acting out their roles?

      1. di ko rin type si Elijah. But the rest, they’re gwapo nga!

        Sorry, but I don’t get why it’s an issue a straight man would play gay. Gay men play straight men all the time, so if the actor can bring justice to the role and drive the character home, why not? Just my humble opinion.

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