I’m Christian Formoso, a Filipino Digital Marketing Freelancer.

CHRISTIAN FOREMOST, Filipino Digital Marketing Freelancer

I’m a Filipino Digital Marketing Freelancer who offers FREE 40-minute consultations for Filipino businesses or brands. I have significant experience in the field of online marketing specifically in writing blog or web content, SEO or search engine optimization, podcasts, and social media marketing.

I’ve written over 100 blogs about lifestyle, personal development, queer media, online shopping, dating, and adulting and my website has received over 160K views. My podcast is called The Big Opening with Christian Foremost, an open-journal podcast promoting growth and self-development. With over 60 episodes released, it has already gained over 17.5K plays. Aside from this, I also have experience with digital marketing and advertising when it comes to promoting content on social media.

I’ve also written for Thought CatalogCollective World,, Bookshelf PH,  MegWattpad, and other media publications. Christian Foremost also ranked in Feedspot’s Top 100 Gay Blogs for 2021 to the present. I’ve also worked as a Freelancer at Intellifluence with over 5 successful campaigns closed. I’ve recently earned my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialization after completing a 10-hour weekly 3-month course in Coursera.

The several brands I’ve worked with have also given me commendation regarding my professionalism, quality of work, creativity, versatility, and timeliness of deliverability.

I value the trust of my audience by always providing informative and authentic content they can rely on. The positive response and my readers’ consistent engagement in social media, especially in the comment section of all my posts are something I truly appreciate as a content creator.  I’m always looking for challenges and opportunities to create better content for my readers and listeners.   

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. 

Specialized in Search Engine Optimization

I’ve recently earned my SEO Specialization after completing a 10-hour weekly 3-month course in Coursera where I developed skills on:

  • Completing a competitive analysis on a webpage.
  • Developing a solid approach for achieving a productive and successful relationship with the client.
  • Creating influencer relationships and collaborations and analyzing data to see which content gets the most shares.
  • Creating a final report of findings and recommendations for SEO and presenting recommendations to the client.


Do you need help starting your own blog, brand, podcast, or digital marketing strategy? I understand how it can be overwhelming to start something new.

Let me help you…

I offer a free 40-minute consultation for Filipinos interested in venturing into the world of blogging, podcasting, and digital marketing. Using my 3+ years’ worth of experience in the world of digital marketing, I want to share my ideas, tips, and strategies to help you reach your goals!

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