Where to Watch Filipino BL Series 2023

Where can we watch Filipino BL Series? Even if there have been over 100 Pinoy BL (Boys Love) series produced in just over 3 years, we can’t seem to enjoy most of them because they’re so difficult to find! And since the Philippines is a conservative country, they usually don’t air a lot of explicit queer content on our local television networks yet. Most Filipino BL series are found on the internet, on video platforms, or on online streaming websites. There are several sites you can watch that require a monthly subscription fee, but there other platforms that are absolutely free! You just have to be patient with the ads. 

Where to Watch Filipino BL Series 2023

To help you guys search for Filipino BL series, I have here a list of websites where to watch Filipino BL series. I’ve also listed a couple of Filipino BL series you can binge on those websites so you can get started streaming. No need to click through spammy links to try and find a website that actually plays the videos. I did all that for you already. Haha. Hope you enjoy this! 

I will only be sharing websites where you can find Filipino BL series, not BL series from other countries. Although there are numerous great quality BL series produced in Thailand, Korea, Japan, and China, we’re focusing on Filipino BL series for this blog.  

Websites Where to Watch Filipino BL Series


netflix pinoy bl

Netflix is a PAID streaming platform that offers a variety of TV shows, documentaries, movies, and anime on internet-connected devices. Although Netflix is known to produce award-winning and high-quality movies and series, it has not yet released any original Pinoy BL Series. Most of the Pinoy BL series found on Netflix are those that came from youtube or other platforms that have gained millions of views historically. I do highly recommend you guys watch all of the Pinoy BLs here since they are the top-tier ones and are my ultimate favorites as well!

Below is a list of Pinoy BL series you can binge on Netflix.

  • Gaya sa Pelikula 
  • GAMEBOYS Season 1 
  • Hello Stranger
  • Ben X Jim season 1 


youtube pinoy bl

YouTube is a video-streaming platform where you can enjoy videos and music you love, plus upload original content for the world to see. YouTube has both FREE and PAID options. If you’re on YouTube Premium for a monthly subscription, you can watch any video without any advertisements. If you’re using a FREE version, the videos usually contain several ads depending on the video’s length.

Most Pinoy BL series are housed on Youtube, coming from amateur, mid, and big-sized production channels. Since there is a growing interest in Pinoy BLs from people not only in the Philippines but around the world, there are numerous channels that produce all kinds of Pinoy BLs. Even the homemade BLs get thousands of views. You just have to be mindful because there are a couple of Pinoy BLs from local creators that are not of good quality when it comes to the story, cinematography, and overall production. I still do encourage you to go check them out for yourself!

Below is a list of Pinoy BL series you can binge on YouTube.


  • Hello Stranger 
  • Meet Me Outside 
  • Win Jaime’s Heart 
  • Boys Lockdown 
  • BEN X JIM 
  • B X J Forever 
  • MY DAY The Series 
  • In Between 
  • Why Love Why Seasons 1 and 2 
  • Better Days 
  • My Extraordinary 
  • 90 Days: The Series 
  • Your Home 
  • Cheat The Series 
  • The Shore 
  • Swap Test 
  • Truly Very Yours 
  • Amore The Series 
  • Hook Up: A Homemade Series 
  • Even After 
  • Safe Haven 
  • Influencers 


  • Saan Sana Tayo sa Himig 
  • Limited Edition 
  • Stuck on You 
  • Jack & Jill 
  • Meet My Angel 
  • My Toxic Lover 
  • Worth The Wait (My Toxic Lover Season 2) 
  • Love IS 
  • Serpiente 
  • Daddy Love 
  • Weekend to Remember 
  • Between Us 
  • Inn Love 
  • Paano na Kaya Kung Tayo 


  • Rainbow Prince 
  • Papa What is Love 
  • My Freaky Love Story 
  • Mystery of Love 
  • Inseparable 
  • The Heirs 
  • Strangers Love Bl 
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 


iWantTFC Pinoy BL

IWantTFC is an over-the-top content platform available worldwide. It gives Kapamilya fans access to their favorite shows online, wherever they go at any time they want. Users can keep up with Kapamilya teleseryes, shows, actors, and have access to exclusive content. IWantTFC also produces original movies and series. The Pinoy BLs that can be watched here are iWantTFC originals that have big production budgets and are certainly of good quality. You just have to create an account to get access and get started watching the shows you love!

Below is a list of Pinoy BL series you can binge on iWantTFC.

  • Oh Mando 
  • Love Beneath the Stars 
  • Beach Bros 
  • Mga Batang Poz


GagaOOLala pinoy bl

GagaOOLala is a Taiwan-based worldwide subscription video on demand service, specializing in uncensored LGBT-related films, LGBT made-for television films, and contemporary LGBT television drama series. For a monthly subscription fee, you will be able to enjoy access to hundreds of LGBT movies, series, and content from Asia. I recommend this if you want to fall deep into queer media and experience unique LGBT storytelling from all over Asia.

Below is a list of Pinoy BL series you can binge on GagagOOLala.

  • Happenstance 
  • Gameboys Season 2 


Vivamax pinoy bl

VivaMax is another PAID Filipino video streaming platform where you can enjoy original Filipino movies and series. You can also watch several Filipino blockbusters and well-loved teleseryes here. VivaMax is known to produce leud or physically heavy-themed content not appropriate for all audiences. Most of these are for heterosexuals, but there are a handful of Pinoy BLs that can be found here as well. They have a monthly subscription fee, but you may have to pay separately if you’d like to watch specific movies or series.

Below is a list of Pinoy BL series you can binge on VivaMax.

  • Two and One 
  • Kumusta Bro 


bilibili pinoy bl

BiliBili is Southeast Asia’s leading anime, comics, and games (ACG) community where users can submit, view and add overlaid commentary on videos. This is a FREE platform where you just have to watch a bunch of ads before or during the video. Most of the Pinoy BLs in BiliBili are the ones that used to be on Youtube, but were deleted from the platform.

Below is a list of Pinoy BL series you can binge on BiliBili.

  • Quaranthings 
  • Lakan the series 
  • Unguarded 
  • PRE*SO 
  • PRE*BO 


heypogi pinoy bl

HeyPogi is a PAID portal by a youtube channel of the same name where you can watch extended or uncut versions of their original Pinoy BLs. HeyPogi features stories for the Bi, the Gay, and the Curious Filipinos because each one of us has a beautiful story that needs to be told. By availing of their paid subscription, you will be able to directly support the company to produce more queer content.

Below is a list of Pinoy BL series you can binge on HeyPogi.

  • Daddy Love 
  • Beki Problems 
  • Lonely Connections 

Hope You Like This List of Where You Can Watch Pinoy BL Series!

I hope this list of websites where to watch Filipino BL series 2023 proves helpful to you! If you don’t find the Pinoy BLs under the website of this blog, you probably won’t be able to find them there. I also suggest you highly consider the PAID video streaming platforms especially if you want to watch high-quality Pinoy BLs and support the production companies as well. I hope that more Pinoy BLs get to be produced in the next coming months. Looking forward to break-through Pinoy BLs again like my favorites: Gaya sa Pelikula, Hello Strangers and GAMEBOYS.

If you guys want a full list of Pinoy BL series as you venture on this gay journey, you may want to check out my blogs on: List of 2020 Pinoy BL Series, List of 2021 Pinoy BL Series, and List of 2022 Pinoy BL series. I’ve also got a couple of Pinoy BL movie reviews on this website as well. Pinoy BLs are for everyone: girls, gays, and even straight guys too! Love is love and we enjoy love stories, right?

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