Take a Look at our Cool New Tattoos by PintaDon Tattoo Studio in Kapitolyo, Pasig

Got more tattoos! Yes, these new inks will stay on my skin until I’m old and wrinkly. The permanence of this choice I made shall follow me until my last day on this earth. No regrets! Wahahaha.

My friends and I made plans to get tattoos at PintaDon Tattoo Studio. PintaDon is a classy tattoo and piercing shop in Kapitolyo, Pasig City with a sweet tagline of “Expressing your Higher Self”.  We wanted to avail of their GET 1 FREE 1 package where you get one free minimalist tattoo added to your package.  And you know what? We went actually through with it! We each got not only 1, but 2-3 new tattoos and we couldn’t be happier!!


My friend, Kim found PintaDon on Instagram after being referred to by a friend. We sent a direct message to inquire about their tattoo packages and secured a reservation. PintaDon’s Instagram was very responsive and accommodating of our many questions. We had to make a 50% down payment to secure our reservation and send in pictures of our tattoo designs beforehand. Afterward, they just sent us a couple of reminders for the big day like wearing facemasks and bringing our vaccination cards. We’re also not supposed to come in drunk or have had too much caffeine.  PintaDon was very organized and everything was just smooth-sailing when my friends and I arrived at the shop.

My Tattoo Journey: From Siargao to Kapitolyo

The tattoos I got from PintaDon weren’t the first. I had the word “possibilities” inked on my right hand after the soul-searching experience I had on my beloved island, Siargao. Admittedly, that decision was a bit impulsive and I was a bit drunk and giddy that night at the tattoo parlor. I only paid attention to the word and not really the design and placement. My first tattoo didn’t look the best and after 5 months, it was starting to fade. I needed to get it touched up and well, I thought why not get more tattoos while I’m at it?

Having a needle poke you almost a hundred times didn’t seem to hurt the first time I had it done to me in Siargao. I even said that it felt good instead of painful. Yeah, I think the booze and the chill beach vibes helped a lot with that. This time at PintaDon when I was sober and kinda stressed out from the city life,  I felt the pain that made my eyes squeeze shut. The needle woke up my soul like I was feeling the sting for the first time.  I tried my best to keep quiet and swallow my grunts of agony. And you may have guessed it: this is me being an overdramatic crybaby.

I had 3 tattoos to get done that night. I had my “possibilities” tattoo fixed first, and then I had 2 minimalist tattoos: one placed on my wrist and another below my ankle. And let me tell you, I chose the worst spots to place tattoos on! The searing pain just got worse and worse after every tattoo I got. The worst was the “wing” tattoo on my foot because the skin there was so thin and I chose a cartoon design that had thick outlines. I didn’t really have a choice but to brave through the pain because we’ve already started and might as well finish. Tattoos are forever so they should freaking look good!

Here’s a run down of my tattoos!

Finally touched up my “possibilities” tattoo from Siargao. To read the story behind it, read here.

Got a Copyright tattoo with the year when I started publishing articles in my own blog.
I wanted a cute meta tatto that carried no meaning. This Hermes-inspired idea just came to me!

PintaDon Tattoo Studio Review + Big  Thanks!

The PintaDon Tattoo Studio itself was also top-notch! The studio was bright, well-ventilated, and regularly sanitized. All the staff not only wore facemasks but head-to-toe PPE’s and gloves. You could also see them regularly spraying alcohol and wiping down the seats and beds. They also wrapped their equipment in plastic tape and replaced them after each customer. We appreciate how all of the staff were kind and courteous. My friends and I totally felt safe and comfortable during our tattoo experience with PintaDon.

I would like to give a big thanks to my tattoo artist, sir Floyd of PintaDon! He was very accommodating with my questions and requests regarding my tattoo designs and placements. He was patient and gentle. I was internally freaking out already because I really didn’t expect an 11/10 amount of pain, but It wasn’t so bad because I was done in a jiffy! I could say that he did excellent work with my tattoos! I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. If you guys took a look at them, you have to say Floyd did a fine and clean job!

Floyd was also the one who did my friend Trish’s tattoos. Her designs were more intricate and artsy. She didn’t squirm at all like I did though. Actually, none of my friends complained as much as I did, even when they were all under the needle longer than I was. They say that women have a higher tolerance for pain, but I’m guessing it’s mostly because I’m a sensitive little pussy.

“PintaDon offers quality tattoos. The place can easily be found via Grab/Waze, very convenient. Also, the studio is very clean, and elegant. The artists wear PPEs and change gloves. COVID-safe because I can say they comply with the guidelines. My artist Kuya Floyd and even the others were very professional, friendly, and experienced. Will definitely recommend them and go back soon!”


Kim’s and my other friend, Charles’ tattoo artist was Don who was the owner of PintaDon. Their tattoos came out looking sick! He made a show of his artistry and you can tell that he has some rad tattoo skills. Take a look a some of my friends’ tattoo designs!

“I had my first ever tattoos done at Pintadon and they were so accommodating throughout the whole experience — from answering inquiries before the session to making sure my friends and I properly do the aftercare. The artists were also amazingly warm and their overall friendliness took away all my worries (and physical pain) on the day I got the tatts. I can’t wait to go back and get more!


They were incredibly friendly, approachable, and helpful towards first-timers. You can tell that they are as invested in your tattoo as you are and that they are committed to giving you your perfect tattoo.”

Tequila friendship tatts for all of those drunken nights!

I would also like to thank my friends: Kim, Trish and Charles for sharing their reviews and helping out with this blog post! You guys are the best!

Get Your Tattoos Now At PintaDon!

If you guys want to finally get your tattoos, my friends and I highly recommend getting them at PintaDon! Hurry up and think of a design that shows your personality. Your tattoo can carry a deep and personal meaning or it might just look cool. Totally up to you!

Send a direct message on Pintadon’s Instagram account to inquire of their package and schedule your reservation. Just please let them know that you were referred by @ChristianForemost. They have a referral program where you can get a free minimalist tattoo with 3 successful referrals. You could also message me if you have any questions. Come on now guys, help me out. I already have another tattoo in mind!

My friends and I had such a wonderful experience with PintaDon, especially for those who had their first tattoos!  We’re adults now and getting tattoos just proves how badass we are. Joke. My friends are bad-ass. I’m still a crybaby with a bunch of cute minimalist tattoos. But hey, you do you, right? As long as you’re happy with your tattoo, that’s what matters. And we are. Inked and happy. 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Take a Look at our Cool New Tattoos by PintaDon Tattoo Studio in Kapitolyo, Pasig”

  1. I would definitely take this a sign to get my next tattoo! Haha 😀 You have chosen your designs well. It’s sooo minimalist. I want the same thing before pero nung nagkaroon ako ng malaking back tattoo, ayaw ko na sa maliliit. Ganda ng name ng tattoo shop!

  2. the tattoos are cute and simple and the area is clean and maintained too so you can sit there comfortably and get your tattoos trend. I like it.

  3. Blair Villanueva

    Minimalist tattoos are on trend and they look so fabulous! Although having one isn’t for me, I like how it looks to others.

  4. I have a very low pain tolerance so I can’t imagine getting a tattoo. you’re brave, especially with your ankle tattoo. and your meaningful 2019 and possibilities tattoos.

  5. Melanie williams

    Check all you lot out having cool tattos! Looks like a fab expereince to share with friends. They are all fab, but I do love the “possibilities” one x

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