Enjoy Family Celebrations at Home with Cita’s Special Palabok, Lasagna, Kakanin and Many More!

Oh, I have to tell you about this Lasagna I ordered from a small business in Facebook called Cita’s Special Palabok, Lasagna, Kananin atbp. (and many more)! It was so creamy and the flavors just melted in my mouth. Every bite was super satisfying and my only regret was not ordering a bigger pan! It was so delicious that I needed to savor every bite because I knew I’ll be crying when it was all gone.

citas special lasagna metro manila

And Cita’s doesn’t only sell Lasagna, they also have variations of Palabok and  Pancit Canton, Lumpiang Shanghai, Pork Barbeque, Tofu Sisig, Kakanin etc. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Super perfect for a party, right?

Since we’re technically still under quarantine because of the pandemic, social gatherings are still not encouraged. But, that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate with our families at home. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries of your family members and special occasions through the best way there is… With a lot of food, of course! Isn’t eating the best form of bonding activity there is?

Or even if you’re just hungry and want to feast at home, you can order anything from Cita’s wide selection of Lutong-Bahay (Home-cooked meals) and all-time favorite Filipino dishes! Trust me when I tell you that whatever you order is sure to make your tummies happy and your cravings completely satisfied. If you can’t finish your meal, refrigerate and reheat for later. Genius!

citas special pancit canton lumpiang shanghai and barbeque

Cita’s is based in Mandaluyong and cater to most cities within Metro Manila. I would suggest you guys to order their biggest pan of Lasagna. I also like their Palabok, Barbecue and Lumpiang Shangai. Well, I like everything really so just order everything you can! They also sell big servings so better inquire first if they’re enough for your family. Also make sure to order them ahead of time, at least a day before you completely devour them.

Story Behind Cita’s from the Favorite Apo, Colin

Cita’s Lutong Bahay, named after our beloved Lola Cita was established during the first week’s of pandemic by my Titas, her 3 daughters. They have been cooking and selling pre-ordered food for years to close friends and relatives. The dishes they make have always been a staple to our family gatherings. We rarely order from restaurants because for us, our Titas cook the ultimate best version of our favorite foods. No competition there!

Citas Special Palabok, Lasagna, Kakanin atbp

Since the pandemic started, small businesses have been popping up to get through the current situation. And to help our family gain extra income and continue to provide food for our friends and relatives, my cousins and I decided to set up a Facebook page for Cita’s Lutong Bahay. At first, we only offered few specialties in our menu to make sure that each tasted as special as the ones served in our own table. We were thrilled that everybody loved the special Palabok and Lasagna our Titas made! We already knew that these taste the best, but we were still surprised by the outpouring support and positive feedback that we not only got from friends, but from strangers who have tried our food for the first time. Not only did they become regular customers, but our food has become their favorites too. Now, we offer about 21 menu items!

Cooking has always been part of our family tradition and being able to share dishes we know and love is such a wonderful experience. Cooking for Cita’s got a lot more meaningful for our whole family, specially that we are doing it for our Lola.

What are you waiting for? Order from Cita’s today!

citas special lasagna sisig tofu

I’m sure a lot of families can relate to Cita’s story and I hope that we can continue supporting small Filipino businesses, especially during this crucial time. Guys I swear, you can taste the warmth and love from the dishes cooked from Cita’s Lutong Bahay because it’s truly fueled by their family’s love and care for each other. Sweet, right? I might just cry again. Hahaha.

You may check out their complete menu and affordable prices below. Like Cita’s Facebook page by clicking this link and shoot them a message when you’re ready to order!

Citas special palabok, lasagna, kakaning atbp menu

You‘re already welcome. Take care guys and happy eating at home!

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11 thoughts on “Enjoy Family Celebrations at Home with Cita’s Special Palabok, Lasagna, Kakanin and Many More!”

  1. UGH YOU HAD ME AT LASAGNA! 😍😋 I bet that tastes more than what it looks like. Yung pagkasabi mo na sobrang creamy and nagmemelt sa mouth. That’s how i visualize it and now I’m totally craving kay kahit hindi muna sa Cita’a (which btw super delish lahat ng food 😋) oorder parin ako ng lasagna today. HAHA! I take this post as a sign.

  2. making me hungry! im sooo craving for pasta right at this very moment! looks so appetizing and very affordable! i will definitely tell my sister about this… mandaluyong based pala! malapit kasi sya dun eh. im sure she’d love to order too!

  3. naglaway ako ng slight sa sisig kala ko laman tofu pala hahaah! Bongga, healthy na masarap pa… Hanggan saan banda aabot pag umorder sa kanila? I wish you also put in there which places they can deliver to so that it is easier to decide if we’ll be ordering there or not.. 🙂

  4. Aww that’s nice to know how this small business started! I’m sure their Lola would be so proud! 🙂 I love lasagna and this post makes me so hungry! Haha! Will check them out. 🙂

  5. Blair villanueva

    Grabe mukhang masarap luto nila! Eto yung hinahanap-hanap ko for almost 1 year na. Thanks for making us tulo-laway, lol

  6. Wow, it makes me hungry by just looking at the photos! I am sure they taste super good especially if it’s authentic, home-made filipino foods. Nothing beats Filipino foods! The best talaga! especially the kakanin! they have it here but the taste is too way different!

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