Filipino Bloggers Who Write about Inspiration, Mental Health, and Personal Development

The niche for Inspiration/ Mental Health/ Personal Development here in the Philippines is quite small and it took me quite a while to meet fellow Filipino bloggers who write about similar topics or posts related to what I usually cover in the blog: Inspiration, Mental Health, Growth Mindset, and Self-Love. 

Filipino Bloggers Who Also Write about Inspiration and Mental Health

From inspiring and motivational quotes to life lessons learned, personal experiences, and advice on matters of life or adulthood, these people are generous enough to share a bit of their identities with us. They’re uniquely themselves through their creative content and shining personalities. And I swear, there’s so much to learn from them!

Filipino Bloggers Who Write about Inspiration, Mental Health and Personal Development

1. Christian Foremost: Out and About

christian foremost out and about

Hello, friend! If you’ve read one or two of my blogs, you probably already know too much about me. I’m sorry!! Haha. Through my personal stories, I aim to inspire people to love themselves and motivate them to live their best lives. I lay my feelings bare for all of the world to see hoping that being genuine and vulnerable can help anyone who was ever in the same situation as me.

I am no mental health expert so I do not give the best advice on the topic. I am more of the person with issues with mental health that needs the helping. I share my struggles with mental health and hope that my perspective helps comfort other people out there who may relate. I’m a big advocate of Journalling and being real and honest about our feelings, instead of always being positive. Journalling and having my blog as an outlet has really helped me manage my mental health and is a big tool with my own personal development journey.

I’ve also recently started a podcast called The Big Opening with Christian Foremost which is an open-journal podcast about being vulnerable with our feelings and the discovery of our true selves. Each week, you may join me as I try to unlock the many aspects of one’s self, and also interview people from different walks of life to gain answers on life’s many mysteries.

Anyway, that’s enough about myself. I’d like you to meet some fabulous new people! Trust me, you’re gonna love them!

2. E.M. Borromeo from Positive Lily: A Mental Health Blog

positive lily

E.M. Borromeo is a college student who’s also an introvert like me. She was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorder and started her blog to share stories about mental health. She also wants to encourage people to speak up about their struggles and not be afraid to share them. Her blog not only aims to spread awareness about mental health, but to inspire hope as well. EM is also a Certified Mental Health First Responder and MHFR Emotional Support Volunteer.

I fell in love the first time I ever visited Positive Lily’s blog. From the calming color palette and the aesthetic interface of her website, you could lose hours scrolling through her titles and reading her blog posts. As someone who’s struggling with my mental health every day, her blog posts really resonate with me. I personally feel like reading blog posts about mental health takes off this big burden. It’s comforting to know that someone else in the world can relate to what I’m going through and that my feelings are valid. E.M. also has some resources on her website that anyone can freely access which is just such a big help!

3. Aaliziyah

aaliziyah blogger

Aaliziyah is also currently a college student. She describes herself as an embodiment of the stereotypes wrapped around her zodiac sign, Gemini. Even if she identifies with the descriptions of a Gemini, she doesn’t want to cage herself in the category because she’s continuously working on improving herself. She can be either passive or aggressive, confident or shy, but also very adaptive, easily blending in with different people. She’s a deep thinker and considers elaborating ideas as a real hobby.

Aaliziyah might be new to blogging, but the type of content she writes about gives me goosebumps. Her posts are not only honest and genuine but also quite poetic at times. I actually feel like Aalizyah and I have quite similar writing styles because of the fact that our mind works in the same way. I consider myself as an overthinker more than a deep thinker because I tend to think about a lot of different things at the same time, taking them only about 10 feet deep from the surface. Aalizyah on the other hand has the focus and drive to take things to the ocean floor.

She features a lot of interesting people in her blog, opening her platform to share their insightful ideas and beliefs. You can also check out her podcast: Unfiltered Transcriptions in Spotify.

4. Franze Garcia from FranzeSays

franze says

Franze is 22-years old from Batangas who also writes about his personal stories. He’s very fond of motivational and inspirational content. He isn’t afraid to write about his thoughts and dreams because he considers his blog as a greener pasture for his mental health. He’s in the process of striving to find the deeper meaning of life and becoming a better person.

Franze is my friend and we’re pretty similar except for the fact that he’s actually had a romantic relationship before. Lucky him. Huhuhu. Anyways, Franze’s blog is quite personal and you’ll get to know him deeper and deeper every time you read one of his posts. He’s a deep thinker and constantly contemplates about life and his existence in the world even when he’s just walking down on a street. I would tease him, but I tend to do the same thing.

5. Sarrah from Sarrah’s Stories

sarrahs stories

Sarrah is currently an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), working as a teacher in Jakarta, Indonesia. Aside from that, she’s also a writer and a traveler. Her blog is a collection of her experiences and stories in her journey of finding love one step at a time. You can find love in many places like your relationship with yourself, with others, with God, and through your travels, career and mission. She describes life as a never-ending cycle of learning, inspiring, and working.

Sarah also posts positivity quotes on her Facebook page and has already published her first fictional book online titled: Mergalio and the Seven Puffins – Book 1: The Clamors of SklavoiS. Amazing, right? She continuously shares her stories in her blog and from reading them, you’ll get glimpses of life told from unique perspectives. She’s not afraid to be personal with her readers, always being her authentic self and choosing resilience despite life’s challenges.

6. My Life Motivations

My life motivations blog

My Life Motivations has some simple and good reads regarding motivations in different aspects of our lives.  They aim to inspire people as they find themselves in different situations in life or just needing that extra push regarding motivation. They recognize that being motivated is of great importance in this life. Great possibilities and opportunities can open up if we have the right motivation instead of being misled by the wrong points of view. Remember that the path towards success starts with the right motivation and mindset.

7. Alita Pacio from Share to Inspire

Ali is the creator of the share to inspire blog. She is a self-growth enthusiast and has a burning passion for improving herself, building confidence, ditching fear, and living the life she has designed. She created this platform to share her passion and hope to inspire and empower women in the aspects of self-growth, finances, and relationships.

Share to Inspire Blog

A bit of a background of her – She is an English teacher living in Japan and has been there for four years now. Although her life back in the Philippines was total chaos. She was a freedom chaser. She was chasing financial freedom and she knew she wasn’t living her best life. She was searching for validation from other people. She was measuring her worth and her success using someone else’s ruler. Only when she took the risk and go out of her comfort zone, she started her personal growth journey. She was empowered and has become the best version of herself since then. No more limiting beliefs to herself. And she shares inspiration in her blog. Inspiration is a powerful thing. Do not underestimate it.

It was such a pleasure to meet Alita and get to share a couple of her articles in this blog, as a member of Sewer Rant! Even as a newbie blogger, you could already see that her blog contains a lot of valuable content you wouldn’t want to miss out on. She has practical and insightful advice you can actually use and apply in your daily life right away. Make sure to drop by and get your day’s dose of inspiration from the blogs she shares.

8. Sylvester from Silly Cat Blog

silly cat blog

Sylveter is a friend of mine that I’ve made from Sewer Rant and he has his own personal blog called Silly Cat blog. Silly Cat blog aims to provide uplifting thought nuggets that come from everyday life experiences. Join Syl as he traverses through this journey called life. Syl’s blog is very cute, putting cats at the forefront of his blogs as he contemplates life. He also tackles topics in a very unique way, relating life to some of his favorite things like video games and life events.

I got to know Syl pretty well with Sewer Rant because we write in a very similar way and he was also very passionate about blogging when he started. Just a bit of background, he was very successful in his corporate work where he made his way to a managerial position in his company, but this took a great toll on his mental health. In his blog, you will be able to read a couple of his personal entires where he shares his personal experience and his unique perspectives about life. I would highly recommend you guys to check out his blog because you will find your way to a vast sea of wisdom.

9. Kaycee from The Macho Mom

The macho mom blog

Kaycee, also known as Kikaysikay or The Macho Mom is a proud single parent. She used to work in the IT industry for 10 years, but quit her 9-5 life to purue her passion for writing and creating content, and take care of her son. Today, she’s a multi-hypenate who juggles work as an SEO Consultant, digital creator and writer.

Kayce is an advocate of self-love, magic and mental health. She was diagnosed with Bipolar-1 disorder but won’t stop living her best life one day at a time. Being a Macho Mom doesn’t just mean lifting heavyweights. It’s being strong in spite of the challenges we face. Kaycee seeks to inspire, empower and educate, not just to enable. She writes about a bunch of thins that she’s obssessed with such as: making genuine connections and friendships, shopping, skincare, makeup, fitness, food, pop culture, travel, style, pets, investments and learning.

10. KJ Dadero from The KJ Teacher

KJ Dadero is a teacher here in the Philippines and through her platform, she aims to be a voice and reflect the heart of teachers around the world. The KJ Teacher was made with teachers and students in mind. In her blog, she will share what she can, when she can to help make life even a tiny bit easier for students. KJ shares stories where you can read journal entries on experiences that will give you a glimpse into the heart and mind of a teacher. Aside from that, she also has tutorials where you can learn tips and tricks to help improve your classroom game and also materials like warning materials, report templates, and other files that you might be looking for.

11. Enna from When Words Blend

when words blend

Enna is the creator of the When Words Blend blog. She describes it as the space where she tries to create and make sense of her thoughts and feelings. She says her thoughts still don’t make sense most of the time so there would be a lot of random stuff she loves in her blog as well like books, korean dramas, food, her fangirl life and whatnot. Her blog is where all her love for the written words and coffee blends go. Some content that you may find include words, coffee, poetry, stories, food, kdramas, korean language, and things that matter.

12. Cyrel from Sir Cy Loves You

sir cy loves you

Cyrel is another teacher. Also known as “Sir Cy” by his students is a BSE English graduate and currently teaching language and literature subjects as a full-time college instructor at Cavite State University – Don Severino delas Alas Campus in Indang, Cavite. Outside his work and studies, Sir Cy is fond of taking pictures and content creation. With this, he created his blog to express and spread love and kindness not only to his students but to the rest of the world.

“Stringing life, work, and other priorities nowadays is a struggle. A bunch of works could keep you out of rhythm and focus. That’s why reminding yourself to love your craft, choice, and chances are essential to not just survive but to keep up and enjoy life!”. Sir Cy hopes his page serves as a comfort for people at times of uncertainty. He writes posts about travel, life, learning, and love. To his student, he also wants them to remember “Sir Cy loves you”!

13. Emman from Emma Today

emman today

Say hello to Emman James from Emman Today. He publishes stories about mental wellness, adulting, and life in general: mostly those things people don’t usually talk about in person. He hopes that he could help everyone learn a few new things to be better and happier. He also makes videos and stuff—to motivate, inspire, and encourage everyone to look at the bright side.

14. Olivia Penero

olivia penero

Olivia Penero’s blog is multi-faceted and creative. She doesn’t mainly focus on mental health or personal development, but I included her in the list because she also writes blogs sharing her personal experiences and unique perspectives about life that we could greatly learn from. Aside from her personal blog posts, you may also find poetry, book reviews, and also reviews on other topics like food, kdrama, music, and her favorite things.

15. Val from Good Talks with Val

good talks with val

Val has a huge following on Facebook where he regularly posts related inspirational and motivational quotes about life. He has quite the aesthetic on how he curates his posts from the pictures and the fonts he chooses to his captivating captions. His quotes always grab your attention as you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed. I swear you can’t help but give his posts the “Love” or “Care” emoji. I honestly don’t know where he pulls all that material from! Make sure to like his page. You won’t regret it!

16. Hey Hay PH – Mental Health Support

hey hay ph

Hey Hay PH is another page in Facebook with a huge following. Hey Hay PH provides a platform for Filipinos where they can learn about mental illnesses and broader their understanding of mental health. The warm color palette of their brand is soothing and memorable. They also regularly post relatable quotes on inspiration and self-love. They provide easily digestible content on how to take care of your mental health which is very helpful during this time with the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. If you haven’t liked their Facebook page already, you should do so right now!

What did I tell you? Aren’t they amazing? So make sure to check out their blogs and like their Facebook pages. More great content will be coming from them so we better be on the lookout for that!

I think our generation right now at this current time is really putting emphasis on inspiration, self-love, and taking care of our own mental health. And, it’s nice to see bloggers and people out there spreading not only about positivity but about being vulnerable and human as well. I think we’re all just trying to learn to love and appreciate ourselves more and more each day. And, I hope that makes us better as a people.

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Filipino Bloggers Who Also Write about Inspiration, Mental Health, and Personal Development

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41 thoughts on “Filipino Bloggers Who Write about Inspiration, Mental Health, and Personal Development”

  1. I love reading inspirational and motivational stories! And it is only now that I am learning to open up and express my emotion or let others know how I felt. It is unhealthy to dwell too much on negative emotions and let anxiety eats up your system. Reading blogs like these makes me feel normal and not punish myself for being overly dramatic.

  2. I love reading inspirational and motivational stories! And it is only now that I am learning to open up and express my emotion or let others know how I felt. It is unhealthy to dwell too much on negative emotions and let anxiety eats up your system. Reading blogs like these makes me feel normal and not punish myself for being overly dramatic.

  3. Maybe it’s really from the mere fact that the experiences we’ve had in the past and in the present reflects on our writings. Thank you christian, I got inspired from their writings and also from your pieces mainly. Kiliggg 🥺☺️

  4. Love Positive Lily’s writings too! She takes her readers to her world! Learning more, reading more, great to have these blogs to read about mental health indeed and yours, also!

  5. Yep. There really is not as much pinoy bloggers writing about mental health so this list is pretty nice. Also, I love reading aaliziyah’s posts cause hers has a thought catalog vibe but through the POV of a pinoy too.

  6. Hey! I read some of these… i love aalyziah’s posts cause it is much like what you would read in say thought catalog but a pinay made it so extra points for that. While I can’t be as brave as them to write about mental health as is, I do try to show content that can help to distract people from the sadness that they carry. 🙂

  7. Oh how I love the posts of Good Talks With Val! 🙂 You’re right, more bloggers should touching the mental health niche, too. As for me, I tap it subtley in my journaling posts and blogs.

  8. blair villanueva

    I read their blogs and I like their contents too. Would they consider writing a compilation book for mental health?

  9. I’ve visited these bloggers already! And I’m glad they’re more bloggers in this niche.. it’s important to get people more aware about mental health and also promote positivity 🙂

  10. I am quite familiar to these blogs/Facebook pages you have mentioned and I truly admire them and you as well for doing motivational/selfhelp content. You are light during this tying times. Thanks

  11. Depression is one silent killer in today’s generation. I highly appreciate bloggers that raise awareness about mental health. You are all heroes in your own special way. I will follow those listed bloggers to learn more about mental health.

  12. I am familiar with the blogs you mentioned above. I enjoy reading their blogs, very realistic and motivational. We all have different struggles and it’s nice to know that we are not alone.. 🙂 might do a motivational blog in the future..):

  13. Wow, thank you for this! I expected more blogs about mental health to discover, pero di ko inexpect na included ako. I love FranzeSays and Aaliziyah’s blogs din and yours of course <3 Will check Sarrah’s Stories. Thanks again!

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