7 Helpful Tips for Gym First Timers

7 Helpful Tips for Gym First Timers

Working out is so much more than just wanting to look good. It is about self-care and treating your body better. You have it in you to change your habit. With just the little differences you make in your routine, you will be able to see the results in the long run. Don’t procrastinate and stop being lazy. Get up from your bed and do what you’ve always wanted to do. Because you know what? You absolutely can.

7 Helpful Tips for Gym First Timers

Here are some useful beginner tips that I’ve gathered from my research and very clumsy first-hand experience:

1. Don’t eat anything before you go to the gym

This was my first ever mistake. You will just throw it all up. It’s ugly to be hugging the toilet and spilling your guts out because you didn’t let the food digest first. Eat after your work out. Don’t go into the gym hungry though. You can eat maybe a light snack or wait a couple of hours first if you just finished a heavy meal.

2. Fix it to your schedule and don’t make excuses

We are all busy not only with work, but with other areas in our life. Don’t think of working out as a hassle or a chore you have to clear out the entire day for. It’s just an hour or two in the gym and then you can get on with the rest of your day. Make sure to have a fixed schedule for you work-outs though and commit to that schedule as much as possible. If sticking with days is hard for you and then maybe just keep it three or four times a week whenever you can. The point is you have to be consistent and have the time for it.

3. Know what work-out you’re going to do before you hit the gym

Working out is not as simple as lifting weights a couple of times. There are different types of work out for different muscle groups. You also have to pay attention to the proper forms and techniques because if you’re not doing them right and then they’re not gonna do anything for you. You’re only exhausting yourself repeatedly without getting anything out of it.

So research is very important. Read about work-outs and research on what Beginner’s work out is best for you. You can also watch Youtube videos or tutorials online to see the full visual of what is the proper way of doing things. I personally watched a lot of Videos from Scott Herman Fitness‘s channel and his videos from a decade ago is still very helpful to me now.

This is the Beginner’s work out that I stuck to during my first few months of working out. I got it from Dr. Workout Fitness. I adjusted the work outs to what equipment we had in the gym and what exactly I could do at that point in time.

4. Start slow: Low weights and reps

I didn’t know how to do everything right of the bat. I was pathetic and didn’t have an ounce of muscle in his body. Yes, I did all of that research and in theory I knew how to do each work-out properly. But when I was there, I couldn’t perform what my mind was expecting to achieve. It took me a month to really get the work-outs I was doing right. I learned to start with low weights and practice doing the work-outs properly first before trying on heavier reps. Focus your exercise and celebrate every challenge you overcome. With just a bit of patience and repetition, you will see how better you’re getting and how much stronger you’re becoming.

5. Be patient, but consistent

This is worth repeating because you will for sure question everything the first few times you’re at the gym. You will suffer, feel pain and not want to go back ever again. But you have to choose to come back and submit yourself to the same kind of torture every time. That is just the truth. You have to be disciplined and commit your time to work out a couple of times a week. If you suddenly stop and then, all of your hard work the previous months can vanish just like that. How will you achieve your goal or dream body if you dropped everything because you felt lazy and didn’t feel like it anymore? It’s going to get easier over time and you just have to trust that you can do it. Before you know it, you’re already where you want to be.

6. Keep track of everything

It’s ideal to track your progress to see how you’re improving over time. Take your measurements periodically, weigh yourself, take pictures of your body and monitor if you’re actually going somewhere with the consistent effort you put into working-out. You’ll be proud to see the little changes you notice over time, and it will motivate you to continue on your work-out journey.

Although you may not see the physical manifestations of your work out right away, you will feel like you’re getting stronger every time you do an exercise. Measure your weights, reps and sets. This is a good way to assure that you’re not circling around a work-out, but are definitely moving forward and improving.

I found an app just for this. JEFIT let you customize work-out routines for every certain day. You can just open up the app and do the work out you’ve previously listed there. It also lets you track how much weights and how many reps and sets you are able to do that day. It also allows you to keep progress photos of your body and have charts to help you visualize what muscle groups you’re paying attention on. It has everything you need for your work out needs in one place. I super recommend it.

7. Switch things up and challenge yourself every time

If you reach the point where your work-out is boring you or you see that it is no longer doing anything for your body, and then switch things up. There are tons of work-outs you can do. Mix things up and just have fun. Muscle Confusion is also a great way to keep your muscles engaged and active. There is no definite end goal in working out. You can always look better and get stronger. You can even become Superman if you really want to be.

Nothing will happen though if you don’t start at some point. What better time than now right? Take command of your body and work your way towards a healthier you.

To learn more about my work-out Journey read on Why the Hell Did I Get a Gym Membership?

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7 helpful tips for gym beginners


She Guinto
Nice tips and yung gif nakakatuwa. Sana lang may time ako for gym. Medyo hectic ang schedule. Pero thanks for this

Schedule is one of the biggest excuses not to go to the gym hahaha! This is helpful to those who are planning to hit the gym soon!

Kathleen Navarro
Thanks to these tips… I couldn’t agree more that we kept on being lazy working out. I might check out that fitness app too which looks like it will be my fitness buddy!

Thanks for the helpful tips, though I really find it hard to do your tip #2. I guess since I don’t gain weight easily, I’m not that motivated to even try. But I’d love to have a fit bod! Theresa I just gave birth recently and my ob told me to exercise after 2 months but I’m itching to work out already to lose the postpartum fats I have. I will take note of these tips as this will help me

Even though I have gone to the gym before, I still consider myself a beginner because I didn’t take it all seriously. Hehe Thank you for all these tips. I’ll remember these next time I hit the gym

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