Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with these Cool Sustainable Products from Shopee

The world is ending. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but it’s the truth. Day by day, we’re only getting closer and closer to Earth’s inevitable destruction. Time is ticking and the longer we deny or ignore this reality, the less our chances are of actually getting to save the Earth.

You might think: “I’m only one person. I couldn’t possibly save the Earth on my own!”. Yes, it’s the massive corporations that majorly contribute to the huge percentage of carbon footprint produced day by day. But aside from the protest, practicing a more sustainable lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same could have a significant long-term impact on the environment.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with these Cool Sustainable Products from Shopee

How does one actually define “reducing carbon footprint”? According to this article by Iberdrola, carbon footprint “represents the total volume of greenhouse gases (GG) resulting from everyday economic and human activity”. To reduce your carbon footprint you can do activities like “reduce the amount of energy you use, eat fewer animal products, shop locally, travel smart, and reduce your waste based on this article by FutureLearn.

Think about your routine or the things that you do on a daily basis that produce waste or carbon footprint. It can be as simple as unplugging your devices when not in use or bringing your own cloth grocery bag when going on your weekly shopping run. The challenge is to step out of the habits we’ve gotten used to for so long and incorporate practices that are more environmentally friendly. One suggestion I have that may help you get started is by using more sustainable products over disposable or single-use ones.

As an online shopaholic, I have an eye for innovative products that at the time of check out, I thought would solve all of the world’s problems. There have been so many target advertising, viral posts, and TikTok videos that came my way that only triggered my impulsive purchasing nature. What always fascinates me though are those products that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. I have a whole list of those for you today!

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with these Cool Sustainable Products from Shopee

Stojo Collapsible Cups


A Stojo Cup is a silicone collapsible cup that you can take with you wherever you order your coffee or beverage from. It’s been more than 3 years since I bought my Stojo Cup and I still use it as much as I can. Its collapsed form is super portable and I easily put it in whatever bag I’m using for the day. Whenever I find myself wanting to buy coffee (which is all the time), I pop it out and tell the barista to use my cup instead. When I’m done with my drink, I fold it back up and put it back in my bag to wash later at home.

Most cafes here in the Philippines still use plastic or paper cups when serving drinks even for dine-in customers. Imagine how many plastic cups I’ve saved by bringing my own tumblr during my regular visits to coffee shops? Over the past 3 years alone, I’m sure the number is well above a hundred!

Bendable Straw Keychain

Reusable Collapsible Drinking Straws Silicone Straw Portable Keychain Foldable Outdoor Travel Reusab | Shopee Philippines

From the viral video of a sea turtle bleeding due to a straw stuck inside its nose, the straw has seen numerous innovations through the years. Paper straws, metal straws, bamboo straws, and edible straws made from rice or starch. So far, my favorite is the silicone bendable straw for two basic reasons: portability and ease of cleaning. I’d like a straw that I should bring with me wherever I go and that isn’t hard to clean. The silicone straw folds so it can fit even small containers. I like the idea of having a keychain case that I could hang on any bag that I want to use. You’re never sure when you’d need a straw so having one with you at all times is a good idea. After use, you can just put it back in the case and wash both the straw and the case when you get home.

Silicone Tea Bags

Fun Rubber Silicone Tea Strainer | Shopee Philippines

I consume tea on a daily basis and I dislike the feeling of throwing tea bags after 3 minutes of steeping. That’s when I discovered loose leaf teas and how there are actually reusable silicone tea bags. I also recommend loose leaf tea over those that are individually packaged because the former is richer in flavor. You can buy loose leaf tea in bulk and use reusable tea bags whenever you make your tea for the day. The silicone tea bags also come in such fun colors, shapes, and designs. They’re so cute, you’d even want to buy just for display!


Aquaflask 40oz Wide Mouth with Spout Lid Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Drinking Bottle

Yes, I’m one of those people who has treated their big-ass tumblr as their beloved child. I love drinking water, especially when it’s cold so this product has been life-support for me of some sort. I’m not sure if other people would agree that this product is sustainable, but bringing it wherever I go has lessened my purchase of bottled water. Water doesn’t taste as good as it does when coming from an Aquaflask!

Diva Cups

Sinaya Cup Menstrual Cup | Shopee Philippines

I’m not a girl. At least not in this life, but this product is something that I’m really fascinated with. For those who are unaware of what a diva cup is, it is a reusable menstrual cup. Once inside, it can collect the woman’s period and it’s completely leakproof so you could do all sorts of activities comfortably. Once full, you could pull it out and then dump the contents. Then you wash it with warm water and it’s ready to be used again.

As a guy with two sisters, disposable napkins are one of the grossest things in the world and I can only imagine how uncomfortable wearing them is. Of course, what happens down there isn’t any of my business, but no harm in trying it out. Diva cups come in all shapes and sizes now and they’re super sustainable and practical in the long run.

The LastSwab

The LastSwab (authentic) Reusable Cotton Swab | Shopee Philippines

The Last Swab claims to be the last cotton swab you’ll ever buy. As someone who uses more than one cotton bud on a daily basis, this product seems really tempting. The product is recycled and made from ocean-bound plastic. It’s easy to clean and durable with its quality Danish design. Their brand: The Last Object also has a variety of other sustainable products you might be interested in like The Last Swab Beauty and Baby, The Last Round, The Last Tissue plus some gifts and kits for the whole family!

Foldable Grocery Bags

Foldable Shopping Reusable Foldable Polyester Eco Friendly Large Capacity Grocery Tote Bags | Shopee Philippines

Foldable cloth grocery bags should be a staple in your bag. We all know how much of a hassle it is carrying paper bags especially when you go on a grocery run. Those things also tear easily and you may find yourself scrambling to pick up your once fresh and juicy tomatoes off the side of the road. I personally like those thin but durable cloth grocery bags that are humungous when you open them up. I also make it a habit to bring one with me whenever I travel because I know for a fact that I’ll be coming home with more things than when I left.

Beeswax Wrap

3PCS/Set Zero Waste Reusable Storage Wrap Sustainable Organic Sandwich & Cheese Food Wrapping Paper BPA & Plastic Free Beeswax Food Wrap | Shopee Philippines

Beeswax Wrap is a reusable wrap you could use to store food to keep it clean or fresh. It’s an alternative to your disposable plastic wrap or cling wrap. Beeswax Wrap is made from entirely natural products such as organic cotton, beeswax, organic plant oil, and tree resin. After use, you can wash the beeswax wrap, air dry it, and use it again for an entire year. The more often you use Beeswax, the more plastic you save from the planet!

Silicone Ziplocks

PEVA Food Storage Bag Kitchen Ziplock Silicone Leakproof Reusable Freezer Bag Top Stand RANCO | COD | Shopee Philippines

These ziplock bags are made from food-grade silicone. They come in all shapes and sizes and you could find one to store whatever food you have. They’re leakproof and can go in the fridge or microwave. It’s super easy to clean you can use it as many times you want. Your usual plastic ziplock bags can’t even do half of the things that this could.

Compostable Masks

New Earth Compostable Mask | Shopee Philippines

Since the pandemic, face masks have now become a staple in our daily lives. We wear face masks whenever we go outside to protect ourselves from the virus. But aside from the protection that this serves us, it has also caused a big problem for our environment since millions of facemasks are now being disposed of every day. They making not only making their way onto the landfills, but also the oceans and other natural environments. The normal facemasks aren’t biodegradable so they don’t decompose at least for the next couple of years.

Compostable facemasks are a great innovation, especially for single use. They are made from natural products. These ones decompose easily after you dispose of them after a day’s use.

Washable Paper Bags

MEDIUM Tan New Earth Washable Paper Bag | Shopee Philippines

“Each New Earth Washable Paper Bag is sustainably-made with natural cellulose fiber that is obtained from plant-based materials which were cultivated and not derived through deforestation. It is produced using efficient, eco-friendly manufacturing and finishing methods and is certified to class 1 standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. This means that the material used to make the bags are free of harmful substances. The washable paper material is recyclable too.” – New Earth PH


Amazon Kindle 2019 - [8GB, 10th Generation] | Shopee Philippines

I included the Kindle here since owning a kindle, and buying e-books do save on paper from traditional publishing. I also love how convenient it is because I could read whatever book I like and there’s also back-lighting when I want to read at night.

Rechargeable Batteries

Recheargeable battery - Best Prices and Online Promos

Disposing of batteries is such a hassle. Thank god for rechargeable batteries because you wouldn’t have to go to the grocery to buy just because you’ve run out of juice. Would definitely recommend this for those who are using a wireless mouse for work or for remote controls you always happen to lose. Haha.

Food Huggers

SIlicone Food Huggers 4pcs

“Food Huggers are designed to reduce waste at home. They help keep your produce fresh for longer and save you money. With a lifetime guarantee, our products can be used over and over again replacing tons of single-use plastic wrap, bags, or foil.” – Food Huggers

Shampoo Bar

The Eco Shift® Fire's Passion | Elements Shampoo Bar | Shopee Philippines

“They may sound weird if you’ve never used one before, but shampoo bars are actually quite simple: All you do is rub the bar over your roots and hair, and gently massage and lather as you would any normal cleanser. And not only are they great traveling companions (seriously—no more spills in your toiletry bag), but shampoo bars are also a super eco-friendly approach to beauty. They can last up to 80 washes, which equates to three-ish bottles of shampoo, so they’re not a bad idea if you’re trying to cut down on waste.” – Cosmopolitan

Cleaning Concentrates

Mrs. Meyer's Multi-Surface Cleaner Concentrate | Shopee Philippines

“Cleaner concentrates help the environment in multiple ways, including less plastic waste with smaller concentrate bottles and reusable spray bottle options to store them in … instead of a new plastic bottle every time a cleaner runs out. This helps keep plastic out of landfills and the ocean, which is a big win for consumers and the planet. Pick one, and add water — it’s that simple to make a difference.” – Grove

Reusable Baking Matt

ANAEAT 1pc Macaron Silicone Baking Mat Oven Pad Household Cookie Bean Puffs Rectangular Non-stick Pan Oven Non Stick Mat | Shopee

“Silicone baking mats are made from food-grade silicone and fiberglass — these materials give them their nonstick properties and act as a layer of insulation from metal pans. Most silicone baking mats are oven-safe up to between 480 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Some silicone baking mats come with outlines or measurements on them, guiding you where to put the dough to ensure cookies are properly spaced or showing you how large a 9-inch circle is if you’re rolling out a pie crust.” – NBC News

Wool Dryer Balls

6PCS Laundry Clean Ball Practical Home Wool Dryer Balls | Shopee Philippines

“Dryer balls have been around for quite some time and people have been using them for years as an eco-friendly alternative to both dryer sheets and liquid fabric softener. Dryer balls come in a variety of materials and sizes. The most popular type of dryer balls is wool dryer balls. They are the eco-friendly, biodegradable alternative to the otherwise problematic use of liquid fabric softener. The theory behind how wool dryer balls work is that they help prevent laundry from clumping in the dryer. The balls also retain the heat they receive on the dryer and boost the drying process. This way, laundry dries more efficiently and faster, thus reducing drying times in your load of laundry.” – Clean Cult

There you have it! I know shopping for more stuff kind of goes against the minimalist sustainable lifestyle, but I swear that these products you only gotta buy once. After that, you can reuse them any time you want instead of repeatedly buying and throwing away disposable plastic items after use.

Know that the things that we do every day accumulate and build up over time. Imagine if you practice more eco-friendly habits every day, the impact it has on saving the earth is tremendous. We may only have a couple of years left so I suggest that make every second count. Live the life that you want and make better choices not only for yourself but for those that you care about.

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint with these Cool Sustainable Products from Shopee

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  2. All this stuff is great and certainly sustainable. However, there’s lots of plastic involved. I prefer natural materials like bamboo or paper. In Germany, straws are normally made from paper. This way, you don’t need your own straw.

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