Shopee Budol: Cool Cat Stuff from Tiktok Your Furbabies Will Absolutely Love!

Our house has recently been invaded by a cranky little furball. My sister got a cat a couple of weeks ago which makes me a cat uncle or a c-uncle. I have a love-hate relationship with this little kitten. Yes, it’s been such a stress-reliever getting to chill or play with him at the end of a rough day working. At the same time though, this cat has done nothing but bite me, hiss at me or run away every time I get close to pet him. I keep asking him the same question I want to ask some of the guys I dated: “why won’t you let me love you?” HAHAHA. I’m kidding.

Shopee Budol: Cool Cat Stuff from Tiktok Your Furbabies Will Absolutely Love!

On the flip side, this cat has completely taken over my sister’s life. He’s spoiled beyond belief because my sister has bought him more items than he could possibly need. Her bedroom is cluttered by 60% cat stuff, making it more of the cat’s domain at this point. Pretty sure buying stuff for the cat makes my sister happier than getting herself a gift or buying stuff she actually needs. I mean, the cat’s food gets prepared and heated every day like clockwork while we have nothing to eat during lunchtime most days.

Shopee Budol: Cool Cat Stuff from Tiktok Your Furbabies Will Absolutely Love!

With this blog, I wanted to share with you guys my sister’s extensive order history from Shopee plus some other cool cat stuff I happened upon on Tiktok. Every time my sister finds a cool new cat product from Tiktok or from her friends’ recommendations, she automatically adds it to her cart and proceeds to checkout. For weeks, the doorbell’s been ringing nonstop with more and more deliveries for my sister. Her online shopping habits have only gotten worse ever since she had a cat. To be fair, these cat products are quite practical, fascinating, and oddly innovative. I’m sure other cat parents out there would find this list of cat products useful and thoroughly enjoyable! Go ahead and spoil your furbaby with love, appreciation, and overspending.

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Shopee Budol: Cool Cat Stuff from Tiktok Your Furbabies Will Absolutely Love!

Shopee Budol: Cool Cat Stuff from Tiktok Your Furbabies Will Absolutely Love!

This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. As a Shopee Affiliate, I earn a small amount from qualifying purchases.


Cat Scratcher Board Bed / Corrugated Scratching Bed

This bed is specifically designed for your cat to scratch on for hours on end until they run out of energy. This helps file their nails which can prevent your furniture from being damaged from destructive claw marks. This cat scratcher bed is made from durable corrugate recycled cardboard and is safe for playing.

Scratcher Board Bed Corrugated Scratching Bed

Cats Condo Tree with Scratch Posts and Plush Cozy Perch Multi-Level Tower

This is a multi-platform cat tree with scratching posts and enclosure. The tiered platforms provide space for your cat to relax, play, and climb. Satisfy cat’s instinct to scratch and climb and help to keep your cat from damaging carpets, furniture, curtains, and more. The natural sisal rope scratching posts help keep nails healthy.

Cats Condo Tree with Scratch Posts Plush Cozy Perch Multi-Level Tower for Indoor Cat Kitten

Pet Cat Bed

This is the perfect pet bed that can also be placed on the floor when traveling in the car or outdoors. It has a soft surface that’s cool and breathable, and comfortable. There’s no static electricity or fast heat dissipation. It’s also antibacterial.

Dog Bed Pet Cat Puppy Kitten Bed

Soft Flannel Thickened Pet Soft Fleece Pad Pet Blanket

Ultra-soft pet cushion and a cozy bed for your cat. This blanket is made from warm soft coral velvet making this ultra-comfortable for your pet. This blanket is the perfect size to use on the sofa, bed, or any place you want to keep clean. Easy to wash and you can choose hand washing or machine washing.

Size S/M Soft Flannel Thickened Pet Soft Fleece Pad Pet Blanket Bed Mat For Puppy Dog Cat Sofa Cushion

Cooling Dog Bed Mat Washable Dog Pet Diaper Mat

This mat can train pets to learn positioned defecation. It is a recycled and environmentally friendly mat that can accompany pets from infancy to adulthood. It’s the best gift for your pet in the summer. This mat is light, thin, and breathable. Easy to clean, simple to use. This is convenient to store because you can save space when you roll it up.

Summer Cooling Dog Bed Mat Washable Dog Pet Diaper Mat Car Seat Cover Pad Reusable Training Pad

Open Top Cat Litter Box Tray

This durable litter box is made of high-quality PP material that’s environmentally friendly and safe for your pet. It’s perfect for multi-cat households as well. The detachable rim design makes it easy to clean, reusable, easy to disassemble and assemble. The cat litter has a cat litter shovel slot design where you can conveniently place the cat litter spoon. The semi-closed cat litter box is designed with a fence to prevent cat litter from falling outside when throwing sand. The cat litter shovel is designed with a large opening to reduce hand fatigue while allowing you to easily remove clumped cat litter. The size provides ample space on all sides for cats to move comfortably and can help you keep the floor clean.

Open Top Cat Litter Box Tray with Scoop,Large Framed Cat Litter Pan,Cat Pan with Removable

Cat Litter Scoops Metal Deep Sholve Sifter

This product rapidly sifts cat litter and keeps litter in clumps for less dust inhalation. The scoop is made up of solid metal, convenient and light-weight, and durable and sturdy. The deep shovel makes sifting easy and ergonomic. There are more crossbars on the side of scoops to prevent small clumps from falling away. This sifter has a smooth surface, is corrosion-resistant, and is easy to clean. Perfect for a multi-cat family!

Cat Litter Scoops Metal Deep Sholve Sifter Litter Scoops Durable Scooper

Waterproof Cat Litter Trapper Mat / EVA Double Layer Cat Litter Pad

This is a cat litter mat made from rubber that you put in front of your cat’s litterbox so they won’t spread litter around after doing their business. It has a double-layer feature that’s waterproof, odor-proof, and scratch-resistant. This is also portable and foldable. A tip is to add a urine pad for easier cleaning.

Waterproof Cat Litter Trapper Mat EVA Double Layer pet cat litter pad Bottom Non-slip Litter Box Mat

Bioline Cat Keep Off Spray for Cats 175ml

Bioline Keep Off Spray for cats keeps cats off treated areas. This prevents cats from scratching, chewing, or destroying any treated furniture, carpet, or drapes. Simply spray it on the area or the furniture that the cat should not be on and keep the cat off. The spray creates an invisible shield to be used on any kind of furniture. Use for areas you want the cats to stay away from, so keep your items safe from scratches or bites.

Bioline Cat Keep Off Spray for Cats 175ml

Bioline Catnip Spray

Catnip Spray stimulates playful behavior and causes exhilaration and euphoria in most cats due to the scent of the plant extracts it contains. Depending on the cat’s character, it can also encourage come cats to calm down and wish to cuddle. The unique attractant scent will encourage dogs to urinate whenever the product is sprayed. Apply the training spray to preferred designated areas.

Bioline Catnip Spray, Eye Care Drops, Ear Care, Tears Stain , Paw Care Spray and Puppy Training 50ml


Automatic Water Fountain

No need to worry about your pets not getting enough fresh drinks when you go to work. This device automatically spouts water whenever your pet comes near it. This will encourage your pets to drink. They like fresh running water and get easier tired of stagnant water that’s been sitting in the pet bowl. There is no need to fill the water frequently, and the fountain is able to satisfy the drinking needs of cats, dogs, birds, and other domestic animals of various sizes. The unique replaceable filter design can effectively filter out hair, odor, and chlorine. As a result, the fountain can give water cleaner to pets and reduce the risk of developing the disease. The carbon filter helps remove odor and taste bad taste. The unique designed blue DR-DC160 pump is distributed with a customized suction cup to decrease noise to a minimum. This fountain is powered by a USB cable. It’s safe, hygienic, convenient, and top-shelf dishwasher safe

Automatic Water Fountain For Cats Pets Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain 2.4L With Free Filter

Outdoor Portable Travel Water Bottle

A perfect travel water bottle for pets. You can quickly provide your thirsty pets with fresh water when outdoor walking, hiking or traveling. This product has one key to open and lock water flow. It can be hand operated with one hand. The silicone seal ring design makes sure the water doesn’t leak in your bag.

Pet accompanying cup Outdoor portable travel water bottle Cat and dog drinking fountain

Lick Mat

Studies show repetitive licking increases endorphins, which in turn calms your pet helping dog anxiety. This product is safe, made of BPA-free silicone, and does not contain harmful chemicals. This helps relieve stress and keep your pets busy for a while. The bottom of the lick mat has suction cups that can be fixed in place during use. This is also very useful for your pet’s dental health and promotes fresh breath, healthy teeth, and gums by scraping harmful bacteria from the tongue. It also stimulates saliva production aiding with digestion. This product is also easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.

PEONY Home & Living Cat Dispensing Mat Fish Claw Shape Slow Feeder Dog Bowls Anxiety Relief Health Pet Supplies Silicone Feeding Lick Pad

Silicone Waterproof Pet Food Plate Mat

This is a silicone waterproof pet food plate mat with lips. The product is soft and flexible which makes it easy to store or put in your bag when traveling. The mat has an anti-spill design and the higher edge traps spilled food and liquid in the mat, resulting in no more sweeping and keeping the floor dry. It also prevents food bowls from sliding due to stronger contact from your pet. The food mats are made of approved food-grade silicone. Silicone is a very safe material that’s 100% free from nasty chemicals like BPA, PVC, and Phthalate.

Silicone Waterproof Pet Food plate Mat Pad, Non slip pet dog Feeding Tray Mat Easy Washing

Pet Food Can Lids for Canned Pet Food

With good sealing, pet food can lids can keep pet food fresh and delicious. This lid is made of quality silicone material. The cute pet food can lids can be directly in contact with food. This does not easily crack or fray.

Pet Food Can Lids, Silicone Can Lids Covers for Dog and Cat Food


Pet Nail Clippers, with LED lights with Protective Cover

Super innovative and convenient clipper for your pet with LED lights and a protective cover. We all know how much of a chore it is to cut your pet’s nails, this will make the task easier and also keep your pet safe from unwanted cuts.

Pet dog nail clippers, with LED lights, mine claws, with protective cover, kit, to prevent cats and dogs from being injured LED pet nail clippers

Needle Comb / Hair Remover Rake Comb Pet Grooming Tool

It is very effective for preventing the knotting of hairs for small dogs or cats. The pincushion of this product is flexible and will not hurt the pet. It also promotes blood circulation, enhances skin resistance, and relieves fatigue. After combing, the hair can be fluffy and prevent knotting. Keeps your pet feeling and looking great!

LS Multi-purpose Needle Comb for Dog Cat Pets Comb Brush Dog Hair Remover Rake Comb Pet Beauty Grooming Tool

Pet Toothbrush Set w/ Toothpaste

This is a finger cap toothbrush with long double-ends. It has a shelf-life of 3 years after the manufacturing date, printed at the bottom of the toothpaste. Brushing your pet’s teeth prevents tooth decay and leaves their mouths with fresh breath.

Bath Brush Massage Comb Bath Glove

This bath brush can be worn as a glove and makes taking your pet for a bath or scrub easier. This is made from PVC Material. It’s soft and comfortable with 6mm soft tooth and scrubbing and a deep clean.

Pet Bath Brush Dogs Cats Bath Brush Massage Comb Bath Glove Pet Bath Brush

Pet Drying Towel Blanket With Pockets

This towel is made of super absorbent and super permeable fibers. It can absorb the water on fur and can dry your pet fast. It is comfortable and durable without damaging hair. The unique double pockets design makes it convenient and easier to dry your pets immediately after bathing. The towel can be hung and can be easily stored.

Pet Bath Towel Pet Drying Towel Blanket With Pocket Puppy Dogs Cats Bathrobes Pet Dog Absorbent Quik Drying Towels

Cat Recovery Suit Cat Clothes after Surgery

This product is ideal for a cat’s recovery after surgery, weaning, being wounded, etc.

Cat Recovery Suit Cat Clothes after Surgery

Dono Wipes for Dogs&Cats

You can use this product on your pets after eating, after going for a walk, after toilet time, or after sickness. This keeps your pet clean & fresh all day. This safely removes dirt & eliminates tough pet odors. Used daily, this helps reduce dander buildup. Easy to use & quick clean-ups anytime. Alcohol-free. When pets are too young to be washed, wet wipes can be used to clean the body.

LYX Dono Wipes for Dogs&Cats Pet Wipes Multi- Purpose (80 & 100 Sheets)

Bioline Pets Styptic Powder Paws Blood Stopper Powder

An aid to stop bleeding caused by clipping nails, wing clipping, and minor superficial cuts. Do not use in deep wounds, body cavities.

Bioline Pets Styptic Powder Paws Blood Stopper Powder


Airline Approved Pet Carrier Cage with Feeder Bowl

This carrier cage is airport-approved, light-weight, and durable. It has a dual bolt positive batch system with stainless steel screw bolts. The top carry handle makes it easier for travel. Another feature is the stay dry tray for efficient cleaning and an allen tool placed in-handle.

Pet carrier travel cage dog cat crates airline approved pet cage Included feeder bowl pet carrier

Pet Backpack Carrier / Expandable Transparent Capsule Backpack for Pets

Let your pet see the sunshine and scenery of the world from the outside. There are several vents on the side of the backpack to provide adequate air circulation for your pet to breathe comfortably. Integrated fixed locking mechanism to prevent pets from jumping, getting lost or injured. The bottom of the detachable soft carpet is easy to clean and more hygienic. This backpack is made from APET+Polyester.

Pet Backpack Carrier Breathable Pet Bags, Expandable Transparent Space Capsule Backpack for Dog &Cat

Cat Harness / Adjustable Walking Reflective Lead Leash Breathable Mesh Chest Vest

Comfortable design harness set that gives your pet a safe and comfortable feeling when walking. This has a breathable mesh material that allows air and won’t hook their fur on. The design on the back is balanced with 4pcs webbing to connect which prevents your pet from feeling hurt when you pull the leash. The vest is adjustable and fits your pet comfortably. The reflective design makes it safe for night walks.

LS Dog Cat Harness Vest Adjustable Walking Reflective Lead Leash Breathable Mesh Chest Rope for Small Medium Pet

LinkyPet Tag: Modern Pet ID Tag / GPS Anti-lost Smart NFC & QR Code

Prevent your fur babies from being lost with LinkyPet Tag – your first advance NFC & QR Code Smart Pet ID Tag in the Philippines. It will help your lost pet reunite with you, safer and faster. You can put as much contact information as you want. The finder/rescuer can contact you immediately by just tapping or scanning it with any smartphone. The pet profile is accessible anytime, anywhere. GPS location is recorded when the tag is being scanned by the finder/rescuer. Veterinary Clinic locator is accessible in case of emergencies. Pet medical record is included where you can indicate your pet’s dietary needs, allergies, medications, and any other health concerns.

LinkyPet Tag: Modern Pet ID Tag | GPS Anti-lost Smart NFC & QR Code Waterproof Pet ID Tag

Morui Yoosee WIFI Wireless HD Home CCTV Camera

For people who leave their pets home most time of the day, this product is something you have to consider. You can watch your pet from an app on your phone anytime you want. This is easy to set up and you can move the camera to get a view of the entire room from many angles.

Morui Yoosee WIFI Wireless HD Home CCTV Camera


Cat Tumbler Swing Balance with Catnip Ball

When the product is erected, it can swing back and forth to attract cats to play. When the product is placed horizontally, the toy rotates like a turntable, attracting the cat’s interest in playing. There is an interactive cat ball designed on the top of the product, which can be shaken back and forth or rotated by itself, to attract the cat’s attention and interest. This product is made of environmentally friendly and healthy food-grade ABS material, which is strong, wear-resistant, and durable. Cats can interact with toys alone or be accompanied by their owners.

Cat Tumbler Swing Balance Cat Chasing Toy Pet Kitten Supplies Funny Pet Products With Catnip Ball

Electric Motion Cat Toy Cat Teaser Ball

This product automatically drops and lifts a hairball at various heights when turned on. The cat can play by itself even if you need to focus on your work. Clip it on the desktop or on the cat table for your cat to play or exercise. When the toy is triggered, it will be turned off automatically after 5 minutes, or the button can be turned off again during the operation of the toy. The hairball can be replaced with other toys. Your cat will fall in love with this!

lectric Motion Cat Toy Cat Teaser Ball Toy Automatic Lifting Spring Rod Yo-Yo Lifting Ball Interactive Puzzle Smart Pet

Catnip Plush Toy for Grinding Teeth or Claws

This toy is made of soft plush and comfortable enough for cats to play with. This product is stuffed with catnip that can make your cat excited and relieve your cat’s mood and stress.

Pet Cat Toy Catnip Grinding Teeth Claws plush catnip inside

Colorful Feathers Tease Cat Sticks with Bell

A perfect gift for your pet. Helps keep your pet active and healthy. Your pet will go wild chasing after the colorful feathers and chiming bells.

90cm Colorful Feathers Tease Cat Sticks Funny Interactive Kitten Steel Wire Stick Pets Toys with Bell

Teaser Multi Color Bird Feather Stick

This is an artificial mouse toy that dangles with a wooden rod. The rope is elastic and the mouse is made from wool. Perfect for cats that are teething.

Pet Cat Toy Teaser Multi Color Bird Feather Goods for Cats Cat Catcher Teaser Stick Toys Cat Supplies

LED Stick Cat Laser

A laser with a variety of projected patterns of all animal shapes that cats love. This is a kind of toy that can make your lovely cat excited. Press the key, emit a safe light, and use the light to move to entice the cat to play. LED light is harmless to the eyes.

Pet Funny LED Stick Cat Laser Toy Cute Cat paw Shape Projection Pen Kitten Interactive Toy Cat Paw Projection Stick Pet Supplies

Cat Flashing Ball Toy 3 in 1

Designed for indoor cats especially, the colorful balls have different surprises inside. One contains mint, the other one flashes and the last one contains the bell. Your cat will have so much fun playing with all of these balls.

Cat Flashing Ball Toy 3 in 1 Cat Hollow Ball

Chew Toy Pet Toothbrush / Soft Teething Sticks

This teething toy is made of durable material and is very suitable for pets. It can bring happiness to your pet plus clean teeth. It’s is made of environment-friendly TPR natural rubber material. It is very soft and durable without a strong rubber smell. It is very suitable for daily use. There are 360° molars around the product, which can effectively clean a pet’s teeth and protect the pet’s teeth. Pea-shaped appearance, small and light, rounded corners, flexible material, bite resistant, does not harm the pet’s teeth.

Dog Chew Toy Pet Toothbrush Soft Teething Sticks ToyTeeth Cleaning Toy For Dog Care


Are your online shopping carts full and ready for Shopee’s monthly sale? You’re welcome. The real lucky ones here are your precious little furbabies! Most of the time, I’m not sure if they even know how much we love and care for them. Maybe it’s just our cat that’s moody and wants to escape every time we open the door. We’re kinda new with the whole raising a pet thing, but having one has truly made every day less of a dull boring routine. Even when life throws you a couple of curveballs, you’ve got this cute little piece of fur running away from you every time you try to get close. Accept my love you ungrateful little pussy cat!

Shopee Budol: Cool Cat Stuff from Tiktok Your Furbabies Will Absolutely Love!

For more Shopee or Tiktok budol for work from home or if you want cool finds to make your life a bit more un, you may check out my other online shopping blogs! Life’s a whole lot more fun when you’ve got packages waiting by the door. Ding dong!

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Shopee Budol: Cool Cat Stuff from Tiktok Your Furbabies Will Absolutely Love!

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