Cool Gift Ideas from Instagram Your Friends/ Family will Love For Sure!

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Since we’re still in a pandemic, it is best to have your items delivered directly to your house. Going out and doing some last-minute shopping in the malls is quite scary… And besides, online stores literally sell everything you could think of! Whatever you search for online, something is always bound to pop up!

Cool Gift Ideas from Instagram Your Friends/ Family will Love  For Sure!

Having trouble coming up with gift ideas?

If you’re having some difficulty coming up with ideas on what to give your family and friends, there’s no need to worry. I got you! Your gay best friend is once again, to the rescue. Haha. This week, I’m sharing with you guys Cool Gift Ideas from Instagram Your Friends/Family Will Love For Sure!

I will be listing down some super fun items you can order from Instagram or online shops that will no doubt make you the best friend/ family member of the year. I’m even willing to bet you on it! Haha. Bonus tip when you’re planning on sending gifts to your friends, you may have an arrangement with the sellers to have the gifts delivered directly to their house. Won’t that be a nice surprise?

Cool Gift Ideas from Instagram Your Friends/ Family will Love For Sure!

All Instagram and online stores are hyperlinked, so you may just click and message them your orders. Let’s get started!

1. Moon Lamp

Instagram Store: Moon Lamp PH (@la.lunaph)

Moon Lamp Ph metro manila la.lunaph

This gift is perfect for your introverted or sentimental friends who spend a lot of time in their room. I mean we’re all spending all day in our rooms nowadays, right? Imagine having your own moon in your room. Turn on some chill music and just let your mind wander away. You can stare at it like you’re looking up at the sky. I’d love to receive this gift cause it will probably help set the mood for my nightly crying session. (Just kidding)

2. Customized Acrylic LED Table Lamps

Instagram Store: Moon Lamp PH (@la.lunaph)

Customized Acrylic Led Table Lamp metro manila

Yes, this is a gift you give to someone you love. If you’re looking for something meaningful that will make your recipient cry in appreciation, this would be it. You can also get creative with personalization. You may choose to have letters or phrases put in the lamp. Other ideas are pictures of both of you together and you may also request some style or design preferences or add some additional touches.

Customized Acrylic Led Table Lamp metro manila

I would suggest looking through Instagram using the #acryliclamp for some design inspiration. This LED lamp also has several color settings so it’s perfect for whatever mood you’re in. Enjoy, lovebirds! I’m not bitter at all. Haha

3. Boyfriend Pillow

boyfriend pillow metro manila gift idea

I stand by this! I’ve had my boyfriend pillow for two years now and it’s still the best gift ever given to me. Gift a boyfriend pillow to your girl or gay friends who are frustrated single. You know who they are. Hahaha.

This gift is kind of a tease, but I’m sure they’ll appreciate it because you’ve basically given them a boyfriend to sleep with every night. This gift is also suited for side sleepers, huggers, and those who miss physical touch. You need one for yourself, don’t you? Kidding.

4. Personalized Leather Wallets

Instagram Store: Page Leather (@pageleather)

page leather customized leather wallets

Everybody needs a wallet and genuine leather will always be the best choice for it. Page Leather sells leather wallets of different cuts and designs, and you can choose whichever best suits your friends’ personalities. You can also have the wallets stamped with your friends’ names or initials to give it that personalized touch.

Their products are all of quality and super durable. I’ve had my Page Leather wallet for more than 3 years now. Not planning on switching it for another brand any time soon.

I personally have trouble coming up with gift ideas for boys because who knows what they like? Well, I would suggest anything leather to be one of the most perfect gifts you can give them! You may also browse through Page Leather’s Instagram feed because they sell other leather goods like passport holders, money clips, keychains, cardholders, pouches, satchels, etc.

5. Scented Candles

Instagram Store: Wicked Scents (@wickedscents_)

wicked scents scented candles lavender hush

This is my latest obsession and I need you guys to understand how scented candles have changed my life! Lighting one of these up in my room automatically gets rid of all of my stress and headaches while hard at work. It transforms me into a super calm person which is kind of the exact opposite of my workaholic and frantic nature. Scented candles are strong enough to fill your entire room, and even your mind, body, and soul. Humidifiers and essential oils alone could never compete!

Scented candles are perfect for everybody’s work-from-home set-up or even bedroom space. I’m sure that after you’ve given them one of these, they’ll only be asking for more. My favorite from this store is their Lavender Hush scented candle, but they also sell a couple more scents that you’d want to explore like Fresh Bamboo, Spiced Vanilla, Wild Peppermint, and even new and fun scents like Date Night, Mistletoe and Noche Buena.

6. Customized Acrylic Spotify Plaques

Instagram Store: Stellar Shoppe (@stellar.shoppe20)

acrylic spotify plaque metro manila stellar shoppe

Sharing songs and Spotify playlists is a strong love language. I could not tell how many times I fell for someone because they made me listen to a song! This is gift is great for those with partners or those seeing someone they wanna win over. Think of a song that means something to you both or has a special message that words alone cannot convey. Then, frame it! You can also give this to your best friends because there’s always more love to pass around. Haha.

You may also customize the plaque to use your own pictures instead of the album song’s cover. This gift also works like magic because there’s a code on the plaque that you can scan on your phone for the song to automatically play. A bonus tip to make the gift extra special is to curate an entire playlist of songs just for your partner. It’ll be a surprise when he/she scans the code and be poured with so much love through songs.

7. Bleeves

Instagram Store: Bleeves (@bleevesph)

bleeves ph review

I was sold the first time I saw an ad for this. A blanket with sleeves that you can basically walk around the house in. Brilliant, right? I won’t even take it off and just lounge around all day wearing it if I could. Give this to your friends who are perpetually cold or those who basically sleep every chance they get. You’re helping them and being a good friend!

The Bleeves online store is so much fun because they offer their products in several sizes, designs and even personalization options! Make sure to browse their feed to figure out what works best for your friend/ family member!

8. Moody Octopus Plushie

Love at first sight! This little stuff toy is precious because it can be happy or sad which is most of us right now because of this pandemic. I like the idea of a sad stuff toy with me when I’m sad and then a happy one when I’m happy. It kind of feels like you have someone like this doll understands your emotions or something? Perfect to serve as a company for our lonely selves this quarantine.

9. Mermaid Blanket

Instagram Store: Blanket Tales PH (@blankettales)

mermaid blanket blanket tales ph

Give this to your gay best friends or girl-friends. They want it. Give it to them I am telling you!! Hahaha. Sleeping like a mermaid every night is quite a magical experience. Also, the photo shoot opportunities with a mermaid blanket are endless. The blanket is made of yarn so you can still move your legs around in it comfortably. It’s such a fun gift to give!

10. Graphic Self Portrait, Avatar or Art

Another brilliant idea is a self-portrait of your friend or loved one by a talented artist or graphic designer. This is a gift that requires no delivery fee if you’re not planning on having it printed or framed. There are a lot of artists online who are open to creating art for commissions. You can have your friend or loved one drawn into a cartoon character or an avatar version of themselves. You can also have you or your partner drew together! Truly the limit is only your imagination. Your recipients can even have it posted online or shared in their timeline. I for sure would love a digital and comic version of myself as an icon for my social media pages. God knows it will be better than my actual face.

Instagram: Oh Lenic (@ohlenic)

oh lenic

One artist from Instagram that I would recommend is Oh Lenic, she usually draws a couple of portraits or self-portraits with pets. If you have fur-parent friends, they will for sure explode with love upon a receiving portrait with their precious babies! She describes her art style to have a warm vibe to it. She likes using rough textures to give a chalk-like sketched look for her portraits. Her style leans more on making the character designs cartoonish because she’s heavily inspired by animation studios such as Disney, DreamWorks, and Netflix Animation. Definitely an artist to check out!

oh lenic

You may look through Instagram or Twitter for more artists and some design inspiration. Every artist has a different style and aesthetic so pick one that truly speaks to you. I would suggest using the hashtag #AsianArtistShare on Twitter and then, just DM-ing the artist about your request. A lot of artists and graphic designers are also using their talent to help other people and you may look for them using these hashtags: #artforacauseph, #sketchcommission, or #commaforacause.

Those are the ideas that I’ve had so far. I’ll sure be on the lookout for more great Instagram finds. I’ll add them up to this list and have the ultimate gift list for your future needs. At the end of the day, it’s really just the thought that counts. You’re already as sweet as candy for wanting to make somebody else happy.

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Some Gift Ideas from Instagram Your Friends/ Family will Love  For Sure!

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16 thoughts on “Cool Gift Ideas from Instagram Your Friends/ Family will Love For Sure!”

  1. I love everything on this list but my top 3 are moon lamp, bleeves and moody octopus plushie!! 💕 You’ve got good taste when it comes to gift giving, they’re all unique and trendy.

  2. Yes, Christmas is a celebration that we’re still looking forward to! I love that most of these gift ideas are customized or personalized. I think that the person that we’re going to give this to will appreciate it more. Thanks so much!

  3. Actually ang ganda ng lahat na andito, but favorite ko yun boyfriend pillow hahaha.. such creativity! For me, I want to receive the moon lamp for my home office interior..

  4. These are some awesome gift ideas for friends and family…I am going to look for that Moon lamp. I am going to check out the Instagram page right now!

  5. I’ve given my husband a portrait of us before for christmas, and I agree that they’re really gonna be extra appreciative and surprised to see a portrait of themselves as a gift. this works not just for the incoming holidays but for the whole year as well 😀

  6. Nicole San Miguel

    We need to celebrate Christmas after everything we’ve been through this year! I would love to have that Boyfriend pillow and of course, my favorite scented candles!

  7. I love everything in this list — for myself lol! Hahaha joke! Thanks for these gift ideas. Truly, everything is within reach thanks to the internet. No need to go to the malls na to do last minute shopping. I like the Boyfriend Pillow talaga, pwede for my single friends 💜

  8. great gift suggestions! I love scented candles, lamps, and blankets! I would definately add these items to my list! I am actually preparing my list of things to buy as gifts for my family this Christmas.

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