Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus by Francesca Cavallo – Book Review

Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus is a story written by Francesca Cavallo (New York Bestselling Author or Good Night Stories of Rebel Girls) about 2020’s COVID-19 pandemic, originally posted on her website. The story was read and downloaded by thousands of people all over the world and was voluntarily translated into over 30 plus languages. Lampara Books adapted this story into a Filipino children’s picture book, illustrated by Claudia Fandoli and translated into Filipino by Eugene Y. Evasco.

Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus by Francesca Cavallo - Book Review

I bet this book could really benefit our Filipino children. This is quite a weird reality we live in today. The COVID-19 virus, being quarantined or locked down in our homes, proper sanitation and adapting to wearing facemasks and maintaining social distancing is not how we all predicted 2020 to go. Our little kids, nephews, nieces, brothers and sisters may have a hard time comprehending this big shift in all of our lives.

Dr. Li at ang Nakakoronang Virus explains the difficult situation we’re all in in a light, patient way that the kids can understand. Through reading the book and also looking through the colorful illustrations, they can not only know about virus, why and how they can protect themselves, but also relate to the story of how their lives suddenly needed to change.

I would really recommend buying this book for the little kids in your life to read. Maybe, you could also take some time to sit down and read this book to them. They would really appreciate that. The story also gives out a powerful message of not avoiding problems, but facing them head on and the significance of holding on to hope, even in bleak times.

Summary of Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus

Warning: the review contains spoilers… But since we’re all living the reality depicted in the book, I guess a couple of details won’t hurt, right?

Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus follows a story of a Chinese doctor, Dr. Li who noticed the early signs of a possible corona virus in his patients in Wuhan, China. He tried to warn his fellow countrymen about the danger of this new virus, but was immediately cornered by the police for spreading panic and false information.

The more time that passed, the more people got infected by the virus because of the lack of awareness and protection. Dr. Li caught the virus himself as well, and finally broke out of his silence. No longer caring if he will be sent to jail, he told the public about the coronavirus and how the police threatened him. Unfortunately, Dr. Li did not survive. Still, the people were thankful for Dr. Li. His bravery saved lives, because with proper awareness, the people could finally be cautious and protect themselves against the virus.

The story follows another character on another side of the world, a little girl named May who was saddened by the news of Dr. Li’s passing. May and her mother was scared of the new virus, but they still researched about the virus and how to properly protect themselves.

The virus was named “coronavirus” because through a microscope the virus looks to be wearing a crown. It was believed to have come from bats. A person can still carry the virus even if he/she doesn’t have symptoms so that’s why everyone needs to wear facemasks and practice social distancing.

A contagious virus that could potentially be deadly causing families to be locked inside there homes is a big shock to her who was looking forward to seeing her friends in school already. The pandemic has shifted her life and one day, she just felt sad. She missed her friends and teachers. She looked out the window and saw that her neighbors were also feeling down. She suddenly remembered Dr. Li’s words, urging her to move: “Dapat akong kumilos”.

She got her colored pencils and drew a rainbow. She hung it outside her window. Her neighbors saw it and loved it! They went out of their windows, played instruments, told stories and passed some baked goods to each of their units.

Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus by Francesca Cavallo - Book Review

In this new world we’re living in, it is important to keep our faith that as long as we’re keeping safe everyday by wearing our facemasks, observing social distancing and staying home, we can prevent the spread of the virus. One day, the schools will open again and our kids will grow up to be the people who will change the world for the better.

You may order your copy of Si Doctor Li at ang Nakakoronang Virus by clicking this link.

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Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus by Francesca Cavallo - Book Review

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0 thoughts on “Si Doctor Li at Ang Nakakoronang Virus by Francesca Cavallo – Book Review”

  1. This book is just wonderful on so many levels. Not only will it make life easier for kids that have to go through these crazy times. It also will be kind of a historic document in the future – in the near future, I hope 😉

  2. I can’t imagine being a parent in these times. Having a story that children can understand about the virus is a huge help. Kids should be aware and not frightened. It sounds like a good book for teaching them.

  3. This is a cute story that will probably be memorabilia in a hundred years or so. I want it for my kids cause of the story and the illustrations are also nice. I kinda wish now that a book like this was published during the time of the spanish flu so we can also see a bit of what happened there during that time for the kids… 🙂

  4. Blair Villanueva

    Aww nakakatuwa naman itong book! Very timely (and I am surprised that they managed to write, illustrate then published it in a short period of time). Is this available online like Amazon?

  5. I hope they will be able to publish this in the USA. They might control the information, you know how political and deceiving our world is right now. Hopefully, this will help all ages not only kids to learn about Corona Virus and how deadly it is!!!

  6. Thank you for sharing this! I just recommended it to my tita. She has a son with autism and is having a hard time comprehending that we have to stay at home. He also loves to read and I think this will very much help him.

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