Trying Indoor Cycling at Ride Revolution

My working out journey continues its way to the magical land of stationary bikes and spin classes.

Too Lazy for Cardio

Cardio exercises for me were just always the most boring part of my visits to the gym. Warming up by running on the treadmill or hiking using the elliptical machine gave me no thrill or sense of accomplishment whatsoever. And cardio exercises always just seems to last for an eternity especially you’re already going really fast and counting the freaking seconds before you can finally cool down. I would honestly ditch it all together if I could, but I understand that cardio is essential in burning calories. To tone your muscles, you have to trim down and lose the fat. To get that perfect body you dream of, cardio and lifting weights have to go hand in hand.

Trying Indoor Cycling at Ride Revolution

My bubbly friend, Maybel invited me to a week-end of spin classes at Ride Revolution in Shangrila. I was always up for anything and it’s exciting to start something new. I also wanted to feel that Ariana-Grade Side-to-Side fantasy, you know? After getting impressed by the modern and industrial interior of their branch, they gave us cycling shoes to put on. I didn’t even know that that was a thing, but apparently they clip themselves to the pedals of the bikes so your feet are completely attached. This is what it looks like

Trying Indoor Cycling at Ride Revolution

Contacts lenses on and a full water bottle on hand, we entered the studio and it was totally not what I imagined. Stationary bikes surrounded a small platform where the instructor has a clear view of everyone. Mirrors lined the front, but aside from that everything else was painted black and the whole vibe is oddly like an underground rave club. We grabbed weights at the door and there were fresh and clean towels at our designated bikes.

Rave Party on Bikes. Work that Sweat!

Music was pumping and the instructor came in like an angel had fallen into the earth who wanted to get the party started. He was the most beautiful creature on this earth and he was shouting out instructions and encouragements while playing with the lights to set the tone of the work out. We started right to it and I never imagined that there were so many things you can do while on the bike. We were doing push-up, crunches and lifting weights while pedaling our legs the entire time. You literally cannot stop pedaling and sweat just comes out from every pore of your body. You have to work out to the rhythm of the music and challenge yourself to keep pushing to keep those legs moving.

Ride Revolution

It was my first time and even when I did try out the stationary bike a bunch of times in the gym, this class was totally a whole other experience. My body felt like it was stuck by lightning because of the amount of energy I had to deliver. I honestly did not like my first time, like it was one of the hardest things that I had to go through. I had to take a lot of breaks in between and could not keep up at all with the instructor or my other classmates. We did manage to finish the 50-minutes class cooling down with stretches and a high-five from the cute instructor. My entire body felt like it was hit by a truck and I had myself convinced after that first class that I would not be coming back ever again. Walking and climbing stairs was a painful experience the next day.

Don’t Give Up Yet. Give it Another Try!

But, I attended the same spin class the next day as sort of a split-second decision. And, I am so glad that I did. My second time was such a better experience because I was going through every set and song with better control. I was more comfortable and willing to push myself further and further, gaining more speed and matching the tempo of the music. Like I could handle it now and can actually keep up with everyone without looking so much as a fool. It was fun and time just seems to go so fast and before we knew it, the class was over. I felt rewarded even when my body might be feeling otherwise the next day.

eg Bautista

At least, now I have a better view of spin classes and I would definitely give it another go. You should too! Make sure to come back for a second class before you decide if it’s for you or not. You might even find it addicting and want to schedule classes every week!

First-Time Packages at Ride Revolution

If you want to start your riding journey, Ride Revolution has a package for its first timers. You can pay Php. 1,100 for your first 5 classes. The regular price for 5 classes is at Php. 5000.00. See the picture below for the complete listing of their pricing.

ride revolution packages

Make sure to show up though and be on time. You can no longer enter if you’re late because all classes starts on the dot with or without you. Your payment is non-refundable if you miss a class. Make them count. I regret missing the classes I signed myself up for because I was just too lazy or had something else to do. So schedule your classes smartly when you know that you’re free and you’re sure to show up.

ride revolution

Hope this blog helps, and see you on the bikes ladies!

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Blair Villanueva
The packages looks reasonable. I should try this, I’ve been lazy recently.

Monz Melecio
I dont exercise actually but we do have a stationary bike at home. Would love to use it sometime soon

Looking at the photos, I think the rave party on bike was freakin’ awesome. Would love to enroll to a place like that but Pampanga was just too far. I hope they’ll extend here.

Ivan Jose
I do love biking but haven’t done so for decades now. I would much rather prefer the outdoors though so stationary bike is no substitute. As for exercise, cardio works best for me like running or walking.

I like that you are always on the go and loves trying new experiences. I hope they have a branch in the South too!

Oh yeah! Cardio is definitely something that many people find problematic to do. Having music and other gimmicks to raise the fun level while cycling might indeed be helpful for most people. ^_^

Jean Ricamata
Honestly I don’t know what’s with cardio that makes it so difficult for me to do. I am fond of exercising especially if it’s in a dance form of exercise, but cardio… Oh no.. But this makes me think twice. Thanks

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