Fun Queer Filipino Podcasts on Spotify for the LGBTQIA+ to Enjoy!

I’m sure the most fun conversations you guys have are probably with the gays. We can’t help it. We, gays, are naturally funny and entertaining to talk to. Why not make your boring afternoons at work or idle waiting time more fun by listening to podcasts by Filipino queer people? Join in on the fun and let us accompany you during your day when you need enjoyable brain stimulation.

Fun Queer Filipino Podcasts on Spotify for the LGBTQIA to Enjoy!

With this blog, I’m going to be sharing with you guys podcasts by queer Filipino podcasters on Spotify that you could go ahead and give a try. These podcasts are either about LGBTQIA+ or by LGBTQIA+. These podcasts go over several topics like relationships, adulting, personal stories, humor, pop culture, and anything else under the sun. The voices of the LGBTQIA+ here in the Philippines are loud and proud and I encourage you guys to take a listen.

Fun Queer Filipino Podcasts on Spotify for the LGBTQIA to Enjoy!

Gabi Ng Bading

About: Gabi ng Bading is a podcast from the Philippines. Hosted by two of the most recent winners of Miss Universe, AC Soriano (itsacslife) and Yani Villarosa (yanihatesu). We have a lot of sisters, but we also have a lot of bashers. We are sorry in advance, okay!
We upload every– Marites! It’s MARTES! and SHABU! Salamat Hesus At BIYERNES Ulit!

The Balut Kiki Project: Uniquely Pinoy. Unapologetically Queer.

About: Tuloy lang, mga Bes! We are an international award-winning Filipino podcast by fabulous members of the LGBTQ+ community. Our goal is to normalize and de-stigmatize conversations that Pinoys generally only talk about in secret – mental health problems (like depression and suicide), sex, sexuality and the human body, non-traditional relationships and gender identities, among others. “Balut” is a Filipino delicacy consisting of a fertilized developing egg embryo that is boiled and eaten from the shell. So, we aim to make our episodes nutritious though they are not for the faint of heart. While “kiki” is queer slang for a gathering among friends. Kaya we throw in discussions about culture, society, and queer interests – because why not, diba? We are uniquely PINOY. We are unapologetically QUEER. So lock the door, subscribe, follow, leave us a review, and tell your fabulous friends about us! Winner, BEST PODCAST HOST, Asia Podcast Festival Awards, December 2021, Singapore. We are a proud member of Bunk Collective.

The Big Opening with Christian Foremost

About: The Big Opening with Christian Foremost is an open-journal podcast about being vulnerable with our feelings and the discovery of our true selves.
Join us as we try to unlock the many aspects of oneself, and unfold life lessons by asking only the hardest existential questions to our guests! By opening ourselves up and being open to other people’s perspectives, do we have meaningful and profound conversations that inspire us to be better humans.
Christian Foremost is an openly gay Filipino Blogger/Writer and mental health advocate.


About: An audio channel dedicated to the modern-day Pinoy queer experience. Kasi BEKENEMEN pwede diba? Hosted by self-proclaimed absentee mom of none, Baus Rufo, and the insatiable drag force na si Myx Chanel.
We are starting with Drag Race recaps but the goal is to eventually have Rufa Mae Quinto as a co-host. ECHOS.
Subscribe, rate and review our episodes. But also, be kind and respectful because we want this to be Rupaul’s Best Friend Race.

Kwentutan Podcast: Pinoy Sex Stories

About: Makabuluhang kwentuhan about k*antutan ng isang gay guy, isang straight girl and the friends they made along the way. This podcast shares anonymous pinoy sex stories with alter hosts: Baby Jay and Miley Vogue.

Queertuhan with Roanne and Tina

About: Hi fam! Roanne and Tina here, and this is Queertuhan. This podcast is our gift to the LGBTQ+ community, a safe space where we can highlight our stories and experiences. We hope that through these stories we can relate to one another, feel empowered, and learn more about each other.

The KwenTeaHan Podcast

About: HISMIS, TAWANAN at KABAKLAAN, dito niyo matatanggap ‘yan! Every Saturday at 7PM on YouTube and Spotify for free. Hosted by Junjun Salarzon (Ramburat) and JP Fresno (@patrickfresno).

Ano Na Naman!?

About: Ang pinakamasarap na bakla sa balat ng lupa ay makikipag chikahan sa inyo tungkol sa mga naglalagablab na isyu ng panahon!

Ang Walang Kwentang Podcast

About: Filmmakers and real-life friends Antoinette Jadaone and JP Habac let you eavesdrop on their hilarious and sometimes *insightful* conversations with their guests as they make tsika about love and hugot, pop culture and trending topics that make their heart a-flutter or a a-angry. Dahil ang pag-ibig, dapat shine-share. New episodes every Monday and Thursday! A Spotify exclusive. Powered by Anima Podcasts.

Charot Readings with Macoy Dubs and Show Suzuki

About: Confused ka na ba sa work, love-life, or adulting in general? Itanong na natin sa cards! For your daily dose of astrology, tarot, and all things charot-able, tune in to Charot Readings. Ito na ang daily guidance for your zodiac sign!

Hosted by Ma’am Tarot (Macoy Dubs) and Genieto (Show Suzuki), with special thanks to Ms. PsyChique and King of Rainbows for guidance.

Bekititas Official Podcast

About: Meet the Beki and the Titas who joined their prowess and forces for informative entertainment. Put together by their affinity for music. They decided to let you peek into their daily chismisan, their unlimited E-wine sessions, their sarcasm and above all, their love for music and anything in between.

There you have it. It’s not a long list since I’m still trying to scour the internet for more Filipino Queer Podcasts. There are a couple not included on this list because they are no longer producing new episodes as of when this blog was published. If you guys know of more LGBTQIA+ podcasts, please let me know in the comment section so that I can include them in this list!

Podcasting is such an intimate platform when the listeners really feel like they are part of the conversation. And being a proud gay kid here in the Philippines, I want more and more people to listen to the diverse Filipino queer stories we have. Let’s open our ears to the voices of our queer countrymen, learn, and be entertained at the same time. Happy listening everyone!

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