15 ways to strengthen your relationship

Written by Alita Pacio

We all know that in the first stage of a relationship, it’s always passionate and all we want to do is make the other person happy. We enter the relationship full of love and affection, but we don’t stay in the first stage forever, or else it would be exhausting. When you are at this stage, you don’t even need to strengthen your relationship. There’s no point because you have all the energy to do things such as dating, knowing each other, exploring together and sex (there I said it) 

However, when we move past this romantic stage and come down to the intentional stage, we are confronted with this negative voice in our heads, spewing and casting doubts into our relationship. Here in comes the questions like “What can I do to keep the love burning?” or “What simple ways can I do to strengthen my relationship?” I believe keeping the relationship healthy and strong is intentional. It’s a decision we make every day. To love the person we are with, and to stay in the relationship. But intentions are good, but they will not be enough without actions. You might have all the intention to make a change in your relationship, the reason why you are reading this article, but you won’t get the desired result without implementing them. 

Here are fifteen ways you can do to strengthen your relationship:

1. Learn how to speak your partner’s love language.

Gary Chapman teaches us that there are five main love languages we speak. Take your time to discover your partner’s love language and remember to speak not your love language but your partner’s. 

2. Curiosity is the catalyst foundation of a relationship.

Never stop learning new about your partner. Make a list, if not, look for conversation starters on the internet. There are tons of available online. 

3. Stop and Listen.

Communication plays a huge role in strengthening your relationship. And this requires true listening, letting the person speak first, not interrupting a conversation and putting down something you’re doing to fully listen.

4. Words of love.

An example of this is writing a love letter on valentine’s day, saying You’re handsome or You’re the best whenever possible, writing you have the best smile on a note and leaving it to your partner’s bag or books. And of course, do not forget to say I love You every day. 

5. If you know your partner is interested in something, buy them a gift.

Buy them a ticket to a concert they’ve been dying to go. Technology has given us lots of opportunities to learn anything online. Make use if this and enroll your partner on a course you think  he is interested in. Or just simply buy small things such as candies or cookies. Do not underestimate the power of small acts of love.

6. Acts of service.

Cook for your partner his favorite dish. If you’d enjoy cooking together, then that would be better. Wash the dishes and take away garbage. Clean the house before he gets home. When you do something as an act of love, surely you will make your partner happy and that’s the source of a strong relationship.

7. Write down your goals and dreams together.

Plan your future together to have something to look forward to. Having goals and plans doesn’t guarantee your relationship will last long but definitely gives hope.  This can be a core foundation in your relationship. Make a couple’s bucket list. Click here for a guide.

8. Stop comparing your relationship.

As humans we are wired with comparisons, weather in our jobs, relationships, success or finances but this will serve a reminder that comparison is the thief of joy. There is no point comparing your relationship to others, since we are all different. No two relationships are the same, and no two people love in the same way.

9. View every challenge as an opportunity to grow together.

Relationships don’t get stronger without challenges and trials. Know that these are inevitable but fret not. Don’t get overwhelmed because these are normal. When you see them as opportunities, it will be easier to deal with it and see the bright side of each situation.

10. Give a massage each night before you go to be.

If physical touch is your love language, this is a great way to express your love. End your day with a good massage and you’ll wake up refreshed in the morning. Physical touch also includes hugging, kissing and holding hands. When you are stopped by traffic, take the opportunity to steal a kiss. When you are left alone in an elevator, kiss.

11. Belongingness is palpable that makes you feel loved and empowered.

Remember this and you won’t go wrong with strengthening your relationship. Show your love through belongingness. Make your partner feel that he belongs to you and that he takes the right place in your heart.

12. Build trust every day.

Trust is such an easy thing to build but once broken, it’s almost impossible to restore. Build trust by not keeping tabs on your partner about their whereabouts. Build trust by not sending thousands of messages asking where he is and what’s he doing when he is out with friends. 

13. Don’t lose momentum.

We are like hikers in a great mountain. We tread on rough pathways and sometimes, ravines. The higher we climb, the steeper it may get; the slower our pace becomes, too. This sounds true to our relationship. We find ourselves slowing down as we journey forward. But like what a responsible hiker does, we should take a break and re-evaluate our surroundings. Appreciate what we have invested so far in the relationship. 

14. Don’t forget to prioritize yourself in the relationship.

When you enter a relationship. There’s a tendency that we get consumed by it. The other person takes all of your time and energy. You can’t be available 24/7. Take time to indulge in self-care and pamper yourself. 

15. Avoid negative talks.

Toxic talk is apparently debilitating; it robs your relationship of your happiness and steals your present. Most of the time, our thoughts and feelings are sometimes figments of your imagination. They seem real but not actual. One thing that you can do to combat this, is to confront that part of you or your partner that criticizes. What if your he leaves me? Yes, but what if he doesn’t? What if our relationship fails? Yes, but what if it doesn’t?


There’s no perfect relationship. Challenges come in between but it’s a decision we make. Either these trials break your relationship or make it stronger, it’s your decision. You don’t have to implement all of these, just pick a few that suits you. Working and strengthening a relationship is definitely a work in progress but it’s not impossible. With simple steps and small acts of love every day, you can get your desired results. If you’d love to read more about relationships, share to inspire blog is a great place for you. It’s all about personal growth on relationships, finance and productivity.  It’s a place to get inspiration to start your personal growth journey and transform your life. 

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10 thoughts on “15 ways to strengthen your relationship”

  1. I have heard that love language is super important. These are great tips for those who have partners. I have people with partners get inspired and learn from these tips!

  2. Great post, I think buying gifts so matter now small makes your spouse feels really appreciated and having the perspectives that every challenge will be an opportunity to grow is also very good

  3. Rowena Callo Villareno

    Another Great blog.Importante talaga itong 15 ways to strengthen your relationship lalo na yung love language.Kasi madalas talaga pag matagal andun na yung boring stage nawawala na yung kilig😅.

  4. ‘There’s no perfect relationship. Challenges come in between but it’s a decision we make. Either these trials break your relationship or make it stronger, it’s your decision.” I totally agree. Though I’ve been in a total LDR right now, I chose to be strong. I am just so lucky to have met someone who’s also tired of playing games and just wants a serious relationship.

  5. What a timely article. I can use all these tips to better my relationship. It’s very important to nurture each other and sometimes I forget that. Thanks for these timely reminders of the importance of loving your mate according to their love language.

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