Friend, I Badly Need Your Help with Dating Apps! ft. Charmed App

Oh girl, I’ve had quite the ride with dating apps. Let me tell you. Swiping through men,  initiating conversations and falling for anyone who gave me a little bit of attention? I know. I know. That’s not good and I’m only leading myself towards heartbreak again and again. I’m sorry. I know I should have stronger willpower. I should learn from my mistakes and have better judgement.

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Am I being too aggressive, too nice or a bit too easily persuaded? Do you think this guy’s intentions are genuine? Should I still message him even if he hasn’t replied to me in 3 days? Friend, what do I do?

As much as we’d like to believe that we’ll find love in online dating apps sooner or later, there’s this voice at the back of our minds telling us to just give up. Online dating is hard. Maybe spending the rest of ours lives alone is an easier option?

But no, we don’t have to go through it alone! Online dating doesn’t have to be an isolating experience. Our friends are there, even if they’re also home-bound because of quarantine. I’m sure they are happy to help us through this!

Charmed is an app that integrates with dating apps like Tinder, and let’s you share your online dating experience with your friends. You can ask for their opinions about guys’ profiles. You can ask suggestions for funny or witty conversation starters. You can also let your friends see parts of your conversation with a guy, and get their advice on how to respond or if you should still respond.

I know that I’ll need some major advice the next time I open up Tinder and be blinded again by the sweet possibility of love after just seeing “It’s a Match!”. I trust that my friends will keep me in line and be totally honest and real with me. They know me best and only think of what’s good for me.

With the Charmed app, it’s easier to get that perfect advice you need to get the guy or avoid getting yourself hurt. And tell me, what is more fun of a topic to talk about with your friends than “boys”, am I right?

I won’t be dying alone and I’ll meet my true love soon, and I know you will too! Don’t rush and just have fun with it! You can click this link to join Charmed’s waitlist and get exclusive early access when the app drops. Make sure to tell your friends as well alright!

Let your gang’s quest to conquer dating apps begin. Work together to slay those dragons with a collective decision to unmatch and save that Prince Charming who’s been waiting his whole life for you!

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10 thoughts on “Friend, I Badly Need Your Help with Dating Apps! ft. Charmed App”

  1. bernardolaine

    Nagtry na din ako dati ng dating apps. Masaya sya kasi minsan masarap din makipagusap sa strangers kasi hindi ka nila ijujudge 😊💜

  2. How has Charmed done to your dating life these days? found anyone interesting? and have you enjoyed sharing stories and advices with friends?

  3. Ang tagal ko na pala di gumagamit ng Dating Apps, pero lately natutukso na ko gumamit ulit… nakakamiss din pala ng may nakakausap ka kahit sa chat lang. Di available sa google playstore ang Charmed?

  4. Blair villanueva

    Dating apps works! There is always a genuine person online, either meant to be your life partner, or become your next best friend or even mentor.

  5. Richel Atencio

    OK lang po maghanao ng love life thru online or dating apps, Basta po take extra careful sa mga taong makikilala.. Wag Basta Basta magtitiwala.. God bless po and sana mahanap no na ung forever mo. 😊💕👍

  6. hnd q pa na try pero may mga friend dn po aq na mahilig sa dating apps heheh enjoy dn daw gamitin yan 😁❤

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