Sewer Rant is an online community of aspiring writers and bloggers who are willing to share their talent, wisdom and experiences to inspire others to believe in themselves. 

Sewer Rant is a platform where people from different walks of life can share their stories or speak their truth.

We are all struggling through something right now. Writing is a very helpful tool to channel those emotions and create something remarkable. Dump your worries here.

Are you an aspiring writer or blogger?

Sewer Rant is a great platform to get your journey started with little to no writing experience needed!

Here in Sewer Rant, you’re allowed to unleash your creativity and write about yourself or whatever you want!

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“Sewer Rant feels like a safe place to release one’s thoughts and it’s nice to read what others are going through. Thank you for creating this!” 

-Thea Octavo, Legally Filipina

“This is such a nice way of giving back to the blogging community – by giving others the chance to write and be heard!  Excited to read entries from fresh writers!”

-Hazel Salcedo, Hazy Wanders

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